Gameseek is seeking no more

Sad news for many gamers out there, controversial online retailer Gameseek has ceased trading today, leaving many gamers out of pocket with many pre-orders left unfulfilled.

The letter pictured above (obtained by Eurogamer and posted on social media) is what many of Gameseek’s are unfortunately receiving instead of their pre-ordered games, some of which, from what I have seen on Twitter, are limited editions so there will be very little chance for replacements and even smaller chance of getting any money back.

The company’s CEO Stephen Staley has gone completely off the grid leaving many questions and complaints unanswered. Some customers who have used online money transfer services such as PayPal are trying to see if this is something they can help with as the situation is getting frantic.

Gameseek were famous online for their “apparent” fantastic Cyclone deals, but when it came down to it most people could never get hold of the deals leaving many questioning if the deals existed in the first place and then selling the Nintendo Switch £80 cheaper than retailers elsewhere were doing it for.

This indeed is a very sad day for the gaming industry as another independent goes to the wall, hopefully those of you affected are able to get it resolved as soon as possible.

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