God of War release date leaked?

Today we had some interesting developments regarding God of War. In the US PlayStation store it was noted that the release date suddenly had what appears to be a more definitive date. Prior to today the game showed June 30, 2018, a placeholder date signaling that the game would be releasing in the first half of 2018 as promised by Sony. Well today it appears that it was updated to reflect a more concrete (non placeholder) date of March 22, 2018.

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As you can imagine this has definitely sparked interest on the internet due to the PlayStation Experience just right around the corner. A lot of gamers were hoping that when PSX happened that we would be getting actual release dates for the great lineup that PlayStation has been showcasing since E3 2017.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Sony leaked a games release date via the PlayStation store. Back in 2015 the Uncharted Collection was also “leaked” with its release date as well. Now looking at the proposed date of March 22, 2018 we immediately note that it is a Thursday, which should immediately be cause for skepticism. Typically games are released on a Tuesday for US consumers and then the Friday after for the rest of the world. When a publisher decides to do a world-wide release it is typically done all at once on a Friday. With the date being a Thursday it tells me that more than likely this is approximately the week of the release for the game rather than a definitive date. I’ve never known a release to happen on a Thursday of all days for any major publisher whether it’s a 3rd party or 1st party title.

We should know more very shortly as PlayStation Experience is right around the corner on December 9th and 10th. Also the Game Awards will be held on December 7th where announcements are known to happen as well. We will keep you up to date and informed regarding this once we have more information.

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