God of War: Seven Spoiler free Beginner tips

So far I’ve spent nearly twenty hours with Kratos and Atreus. I have to say it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience and I can’t wait to unleash my thoughts in thelootgaming.com’s review next week. Until then, I’ve decided to create this handy little helper in order to make sure people can start the game as prepared as possible. Without any further ado here you are:

  1. Explore – This is not a linear game. At all. The Norse world is vast with so many secrets hidden away and so much cool content locked aside from the main path. Go find it all, stray from your mission as much as possible. You never know where the next upgrade to your health bar or cool armor addition will be hiding. You won’t regret really taking your time with this game.
  2. Adapt – It helps to really learn the ins and outs of combat early on. Especially the Leviathan Axe. Mastering the core techniques of the weapon will guarantee you an advantage in every combat situation, even against enemies that statistically over power you. There are enemies in this game that aren’t meant to be beaten when you’re first able to encounter them. Knowing how to use the Axe properly can change this. The throw especially can be used to crowd control, allowing you to isolate an enemy as Kratos and really focus your damage output.
  3. Parry – Yes, you can parry. By pressing L1 at a precise moment in an enemy’s attack you are able to not only stop the blow but issue a devastating counter. These can really change the tide in a battle and are very useful when you find yourself in a situation with not a lot of health. By using parries to target and kill aggressive enemies you can buy yourself some precious recovery time.
  4. Listen – Turn the volume up. Get rid of any distractions. Get a divorce, send your kids to a friends house or just lock them out. The sound in this game is brilliant. This ranges from personal conversations between Kratos and Atreus that build the relationship to stories that really help to expand the lore of the franchise. Even when you think nothing is going on, something is going on.
  5. Relax – God of War is a hard game. This isn’t unusual for the franchise. Don’t be afraid to relax and choose the story difficulty section. The game is too good to be missed based on a difficulty barrier, it has been included as an option for a reason.
  6. Learn – Take your time. Look through your inventory constantly, check items. Read pieces of lore as you collect. Everything in this game is included for a reason. Absorb it all, you’ll never know where a clue to something interesting lies. You could find an incredible item and get too caught up in the action to realize and forget to equip it and take advantage.
  7. Bond – Atreus will be at your side throughout combat. You might be used to companions being an annoyance, I still haven’t forgotten Resident Evil 4. Atreus is different. He is very useful in combat, at times I’ve forgotten to trigger his abilities in battles and kicked myself afterward for the mistaken. He can provide a slight edge that you’ll be grateful for come the battle’s end. With the right combinations, enemies that challenge Kratos can be rendered trivial. As we say here at thelootgaming.com, teamwork makes the dreamwork.

And there you have it. Seven totally spoiler free tips to get you started in God of War. Stay tuned for our review, until then here’s our Hellblade review, it’s well worth a read if you’re into this type of game.

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