God’s Trigger is ‘co-op Hotline Miami’, here’s the trailer and the release date

Ever played Hotline Miami and wished a friend could join you? Ever played Alienation or Dead Nation and wished for more violenceit’s possibleand a couple of heavenly playable characters? God’s Trigger is here to answer your prayers. It’s bold. It’s bombastic. It’s brutal. It’s coming soon:

Well, you aren’t quite getting heavenly playable characters. You do get one Angel, Harry, and one Demon, Jude, so it’s close enough and the potential chemistry there is much more interesting than a pair of boring do-gooders. You can play entirely in co-op with each player taking advantage of their character’s unique abilities and playstyle or you can take on the hordes alone and switch freely between the ‘heroes’ at your personal discretion.

“In the world of God’s Trigger, survival depends on the ability to make split-second decisions, and massacre enemies with a variety of guns, melee weapons, special abilities and environmental traps throughout visually spectacular bloodbaths. Prepare for unforgivingly intense, brutal action where just one pull of the trigger is enough to kill the enemy—or you.”

God’s Trigger is set to release digitally for PC, the Xbox One family of devices, including Xbox One X, and PlayStation 4 on April 18, 2019.

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