Google Files Patent for a gaming controller, here’s how it looks

Google controller

There have been rumors circling the internet for a while now pointing out that Google is looking at taking a stab at the gaming market. Well, Google has unveiled what looks like the design for a gaming controller with images that have surfaced from the patent that has been filed by the company and, well… it’s not had the best of responses.

Sarang Sheth from Yanko Design has come up with some renders of what the controller would look like based on the patent images, and the result has gone viral on social networks, having everyone talking about this particular design.



With gaming companies having their own people to craft ergonomic designs to make it comfortable for gamers to play hours and hours without causing problems, I will be honest, at first glance the Google controller doesn’t look too bad… but then you look again and it really looks quite strange; its flat design seems a bit weird and doesn’t come across as the most comfortable to be playing with for hours and many say it doesn’t have a natural layout for hands.


Google controller


It’s worth mentioning these renders may come close to the final design but as Google stated on the patent, the final product may be subject to change, meaning the final product could radically look different.


Google controller

In my opinion, Google needs to go back to the drawing board with this design. To be honest, I like the look of it and it is very clean and ‘Google looking’ but with all the feedback, I really think there are a lot of tweaks that would need to be made before release.

Stay tuned for more on Google’s controller as we will keep covering every step Google makes into the gaming industry!

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