GRIP: Combat Racing gets a release date alongside a brand new trailer featuring split screen multiplayer

GRIP: Combat Racing will speed onto PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC on November 6th 2018!

With vibes of F-zero, Wipeout, Hot Wheels and 90s classic Rollcage, GRIP: Combat Racing is a lightning quick spectacle of an arcade racer. Developer Caged Element boasts a talented and experienced team, including Rollcage programmer Robert Baker. GRIP has an absolutely breathtaking trailer that is well worth a watch if you’re into any kind of arcade racer. It also has an absolute ton of features:

  • 22 varied Tracks
  • 15 armored Cars
  • Some cars are agile, some heavy and powerful
  • 9 ‘outlandish’ weapons and power-ups
  • Destructible environments
  • Gravity defying physics and speeds of over 767 MPH
  • Online and offline gameplay
  • 4 player splitscreen/2 player splitscreen on Nintendo Switch
  • 10 player online

Pre-ordering through GAME in the UK or Gamestop in the US will get you access to the exclusive Nyvoss Hex Paint Kit; the Vortex Rim Pack; and five pre-order exclusive vehicle decals. GRIP really does look like a throwback to a genre we don’t have in games anymore. In today’s release schedule, it stands alone as a unique combat racer. A bonus is an RRP of £34.99. Want to follow the game as closely as possible? Follow @gripvideogame on Twitter and show your support!

Be sure to stick to, we’ll have previews for GRIP and PES 2019 very soon!

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