GT Goku is Coming To FighterZ This Week!

Dragon Ball FighterZ has become one of the most competitive and beautiful recreations of one of the greatest anime series ever released, scoring high in our review last year. The game has since become a staple at EVO, has been brought to the Nintendo Switch, and has been given a second season of downloadable characters.

Right off the bat in the announcement of the second season we were shown four of the six but two remained a mystery. Since then, Videl and Jiren have been released and Dragon Ball Super versions of Broly and Vegito will be the final two characters released. So, who are the secret two characters remaining?

One of them is still unannounced but the other one is the Dragon Ball GT variant of Goku, although he’s more of a hybrid version of his original kid version and his GT kid version, and he will become playable this week on the 9th of May.

Are you excited for GT Kid Goku? Who do you think is the final character for season 2? Also, if we get a season 3, who would you like to see added to the roster? Personally, I’m holding out hope for Jackie Chun. Remember, follow The Loot Gaming for all your gaming news and reviews and on everything fighting game related!

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