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It is very rare when you find a mobile game you enjoy for longer than a week or so. It is even more rare to find a game and really enjoy it as well as feel close to the other players in it even just a little bit. Gumballs & Dungeons. It tells the tale of what happened when the slime fought back against that RPG adventurer, it’s most fearsome predator. Given a number of things to do, I am surprised it manages to only fill 221 MB of your phone storage. The team behind this fantastic creation is Qcplay Limited and is currently the company’s only game on the app store. Let’s flip right into it.

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The single-player and multiplayer modes of this game work in VASTLY different ways. When in solo play, you navigate a variety of maze towers working to go as deep as possible into scrapping for loot and goodies along the way. You collect your Suikodenesque collection of slimes and choose a team to go exploring. You guide your adventurous slimes by breaking tiles in a minesweeper like a frenzy. Under tiles, you will find health/mana potions, caverns, lounge rooms, and enemies.  With each enemy defeated floor 100% clear you gain EP to use towards different talents. This is a skill tree of sorts that resets each time you enter a maze. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t get through all titles when you begin!


Here we see an example of the Career Title three I just mentioned. This example showcases the Magic Type tree. This gives the player the ability to tailor their playstyle to not only their personal preference but to the gumballs’ strengths. Some abilities that come along with titles are;

Draining 1-3 HP per enemy killed.

Summon a dark soul for every enemy kill that assists you for the remainder for your time on the given floor.

Every 5 turns, shoot a random enemy with a pretty bad ass arrow.

10% to cause meteor rain every time you attack.

Increase your stats by a certain percentage.

Your gumball can also obtain various equipment that boosts the stats as well.


For some things, wearing a full set will give you an extra plump bonus. Eventually, you unlock an endless mode for each maze which then unlocks the ability to “100%” the maze’s various quests that grant you DP. (No clue what they stand for)  This DP will be what unlocks the next maze and so on.

To the Sky…

The other single-player mode involves you flying through the sky visiting various islands.  This isn’t unlocked at the start of the game. You will collect relics as the “sky currency” in this area. These will go towards purchases and also, perhaps, more importantly, upgrade your ship’s abilities. Collectoholics can also enjoy a variety of different airships to unlock as you obtain the necessary items. Once this part of the game opens up it is just an even stronger downward spiral towards addiction.

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Multiplayer is never actively done with other players. You really just pillage and airship battle with others to obtain relics, resources, and gold. I feel that the Alliance system in the game is so strong it can practically be considered co-op if you find yourself in an active alliance. I was lucky to find a really cool group of people, I featured them below in my video for Graphics and Sound.


Alliance Play

So once you delve into the game and unlock all the extra gooey features, you may find yourself wanting to contribute to the greater good, like any other true adventurer. At this point, you should turn your attention to finding an active and friendly alliance. Scour the forums the Facebook groups to find one of these if you have to because it will make all the difference. It will make sense after I explain the two screenshots hanging out down here. Scroll on down.

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On the first slide, you have the main alliance menu. Alliance Gift Package, as shown on the other slide, is a section where alliance rewards are given. As you can see, the more active your alliance is, the heftier the reward. You gain premium currency, materials, food for gumballs, and even rare gumball fragments (Help you summon gumballs).  Alliance Mission lets you jump in and help on randomly generated tasks to obtain small rewards and Alliance Shop currency.  Alliance Donation is where the heart of growing the group lies. Each member can donate any material they have on hand to the alliance. Once each material’s quota is set, the alliance will LEVEL UP. Alliance Member lets you check out who is a part of your crew. Finally, there is an amazing chat feature which I also show you in the video below with some charming emoji unique to the game.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 8.33.56 PM.png

*TIP* When first starting out as Adventurer Gumball, aim for the title of Legendary Hunter. This will get you to survive the earlier chunk of the game while you amass your horde of gumballs. Here is a quick snapshot so I don’t muddle it out with words and confuse you.

Graphics & Sound


The game looks amazing. The quality of the sprites and animation is top notch. I love how every little detail has been really thought about. The slime armors all have unique colors and patterns. The adorable gumball costumes come in so many varieties you can’t help but get the Pokemon itch when you see how many of them are available to collect. The audio is very enjoyable. One of the first games I actually prefer to play with the audio on. The quirky sound effects give you a break of the constant “crush” of tiles you’re doing. There are different songs for each maze. Keep an eye out for Easter Eggs from just about everywhere as you play.



There are so many things to do in the course of your adventuring. The game is super generous in terms of giving premium currency. It practically throws it at you compared to other mobile games out there. I supported the developers by purchasing one of the various boost options they offer and I feel completely satisfied with that. I do with them the best. Only thing I would complain about at all would be it drain more battery than I’d like it to. Especially given the fact you practically never run out of Vigor, or “Energy” as it is more commonly known as in the mobile gaming world. If you enjoy RPGs, Puzzles, or even have a collecting problem, this game is for you!



This game deserves to be downloaded. It deserves to be given a chance. I am sure once you take a few minutes you will be pleasantly surprised.

Gumballs & Dungeons

Gumballs & Dungeons









Single Player



  • Tons of content
  • Simple gameplay with addictive twists
  • Variety of different gameplay styles

Not Cool

  • Battery drain bit faster
  • Sky Fortress grinding gets tedious

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