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Gunman Clive HD Collection Gets New Trailer

Gunman Clive 1 & 2 are being re-released in a collection on Nintendo Switch for $3.99 on the 17th of January. A new trailer has dropped to show off some of the game.

For those unfamiliar with Gunman Clive, and its sequel, it was a 2D platforming action game set sometime in the 1800s and was first released on 3DS but later ported to Wii U. You’ll travel across the west, across different levels, trying to save the Mayor’s daughter and you’ll face off against different enemies. The simple art style, as if drawn on paper, is wonderful and the game play is ace.

I will be picking this up for the 3rd time (it’s that good) and it comes out on the developer’s birthday! Double score.

Joke tweet is funny.

Anyway, will you be picking up the collection? Have you played Gunman Clive before? Comment down and let me know what you think about the game. Remember, The Loot Gaming is the best spot for everything centring around games, reviews, news, and westerns.

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