Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 Review

Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 ticks all the right boxes for me and I couldn’t wait to get into reviewing the game. My all time favorite games are side-scrolling arcade platformers with the non stop action and this definitely looks like that kind of game. I am also a bit of a Mafia buff and like most things based around the topic such as books, films and games… so read on to see if Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 can live up to all my expectations.

Developed and published by Crazy Monkey Studios

Genre: Platformer, Arcade

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, Steam and Nintendo Switch (reviewed on Nintendo Switch)

Price; £11.69

Available Now


You play as the main character Vinnie, following on from the original game Vinnie has survived the massacre of Thugtown and is back in town to tie up some loose ends from his shadowy past. The game is set 15 years after the original in 1944 and Europe is at war. You find yourself traveling the globe to put your past monsters and finding out who is really turning all your trusted allies against you.

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Straight away from the start of the game you are immersed into the story of Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 and it had me captivated, there is always something quite appealing about taking down your enemies with a baseball bat or a chainsaw. When you start you have the option of characters like the mafia mobster Vinnie or the war commander (my favorites) and many more.

The controls themselves are slightly difficult to get your head around at first and quite a few times I found myself jumping at enemies rather than shooting or hitting them, not that effective I might add. But once you do get familiar with the controls the game takes off and becomes a nonstop enjoyable action joy ride.

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The story is very easy to follow and is nearly as enjoyable as the gameplay as the cutscenes are full of tongue in cheek humor and really enjoyable to watch adding a lot to the game experience.

As you progress through the levels you are pitted against differing levels of enemies picking up better and better weapons as you go using the weapon wheel or X button (on Switch) it is easy to jump from one weapon to the other depending on the enemy you are facing. You do however need to be slightly selective with your ammo as it does run out, however, most enemies will drop their weapons when killed which means more ammo for you and due to the number of enemies on screen, it means there is always the chance to stockpile that ammo. My weapon of choice would have to be the shotgun; there is something quite pleasing about seeing your enemy go flying through the air when you shoot them.


Going through the levels the story takes many different twists taking you to the Zombie infested Thugtown right over to the Normandy beach landings, which happens to be my favourite level, it feels pretty awesome to be running through the beaches with bombs going off all around in full mafia dress with your Tommy gun in hand. The overall single player experience is one full of a great storyline and total non stop action and I enjoyed every bit of it and I think it would be a game I keep going back to and using the Switch mobile really gives the game extra playability and it’s great to take the fight on the go with you. Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 has a multiplayer section which enables you to play through the main story online or couch co-op style. I haven’t yet been able to try out the online mode of the game as each time I tried to load the game the server search kept timing out and couldn’t find a game which is an unfortunate situation as the game would be great to play online.

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Graphics And Sound

I really like the look of Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2; it has got a kind of retro feel to it with a cartoon twist. All the levels have a realistic and authentic feel to it with lots of nods to the 1940s era around each level, the cutscenes are well scripted and add depth to the story I think it makes it better the fact that they use cartoons rather than stills. The soundtrack is very authentic with the 1940s speakeasy jazz vibe and partnering that with the authentic Mafia style voice acting, it really is a well thought out and put together soundtrack.


To summarise then Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2, from the beginning of the game right through the levels it’s a Mafia fun ride right through. It is authentic to the core whilst not taking itself too serious I mean… what other game offers you mafia wars mixed with zombies and Nazis? All in all, it makes for one awesome game.

I am not going to let my issues with the multiplayer ruin what for me is a standout game of 2018 and one I will put in my top 5 games overall; the gameplay is addictive from the start and it is a game I will get the most out of for many many hours to come.

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