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Gwent’s Thronebreaker info and delay details

I’m sorry to deliver sad news Witcher fans, but I’m just the messenger. CD Projekt Red has recently announced that Thronebreaker, the Gwent single player campaign has been delayed to 2018.

Thronebreaker will follow Meve, the white queen story, who will be facing invasions on her territories.

Meve was a queen of Lyria and Rivia, known for her wisdom and beauty. She was related to both King Foltest and Calanthe, maintaining a friendship with the former. By 1267, she was a widow and had two sons, of whom she had a rather low opinion.

When the Second Nilfgaard War broke out and her realm got conquered, she led guerrillas to battles wearing white armor and in one such her face was wounded and left disfiguring scars. She was the one who knighted Geralt for his valour in the Battle for the Bridge on the Yaruga, granting him the right to be known as Geralt of Rivia.

Marcin Iwiński, studio co-founder, not only apologized for this saying it will be worth the wait (campaign will be bigger than initially expected) but also stated that the game will be out of beta phase by 2018. More updates, new cards and balance changes will be applied more frequently from now on.
Read the official statement here;

Dear gamers!

We’ve decided to introduce changes to GWENT’s development roadmap, and I’d like to take a brief moment of your time to share them with you.
Thronebreaker, GWENT’s story-driven single player campaign, is moving to 2018. We decided to increase the campaign’s scope and need more time to work on it. Shifting release windows is always something we approach seriously, however, we’ll never hesitate to do it if we feel you’ll get a better game as a result. I would like to apologize everyone who planned to play Thronebreaker over the Holidays — I assure you that we will do our best to make the final game worth the additional wait. 

Secondly, since 2018 is the year we plan to take GWENT out of beta, we’ll be increasing the tempo of multiplayer update releases. We want you to have more fun playing, but we also want to welcome new gamers into an already rolling multiplayer ecosystem. Expect content additions like cards, challenges, vanity items, but also game patches, and balance tweaks to be published more frequently.
Best regards,

Marcin Iwiński,



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