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Haven’t tried out the Monster Hunter Worlds Beta yet? This is your last chance.


Monster Hunter Worlds releases January 26th 2018 and for those lucky people who own a PlayStation 4 you can try it out right now with the beta. All you need is PlayStation Plus and it’s all yours until tomorrow (Tuesday 12th).

The beta consists of 3 different quests; Great Devourer, Great Jagras, you guessed it, you will have to defeat a Great Jagras. This is classed as the ‘easy’ question. Next is Wildspire Rampage, the ‘medium’ difficulty quest in which you defeat a Barroth and last but not least is The Ancient Forest Menace in which you must defeat an unknown monster.

During these quests you are able to try out all 14 weapons types, so you can have your favourite type ready for when the game releases fully. Hammer all the way for me!

Not only do you get to try this amazing game out a month before release, but you will also be rewarded if you do! If you complete just 1 quest, you will receive a unique face paint for your character on release. If you complete all 3 you will receive some Max Potions, Life Powders and Various Traps. Very common but incredibly helpful items.

Don’t miss it, get downloading now before it’s gone and spoilers….

It looks incredible.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Pick it up now from only £6.99 to reap all those lovely benefits.




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