This Hitman 2 briefcase video packs some real hype

If you don’t know about one of the most important features of Blood Money, fear not. IO will tell you in this Hitman 2 briefcase video.

Another day, another moment for expectations to grow even more. The sequel to Hitman is coming soon, and IO Interactive keeps on giving some info about the new features of the following missions of Agent 47. This time, they showed us a returning tool from Blood Money. And it’s coming in all of its glory. Let’s take a look at this Hitman 2 briefcase video, shall we?

Well, as you can see we will be able to put inside of our trusty briefcase almost anything. From bombs, to crowbars… Even a sniper rifle. And if you think that’s where its functionality ends, you are dead wrong. Sean Bean Elusive Target levels of dead wrong. We will also be able to hurl it against our foes, use it as a distraction or just use it as a regular briefcase. Hey, 47 is still famous for not leaving any trace, and a Silent Assassin score is easier to achieve without leaving your stuff all over the scene of crime.

Remember: Hitman 2 will arrive November 13th, so you better be ready. With new locations and features, this might be the best experience so far for this franchise. I will leave you to prepare.

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