Hollow Knight Collector’s Edition is ready for pre-order

Hollow Knight Collector's Edition

Hollow Knight Collector’s Edition is finally here, but what does it come with? Here at The Loot Gaming, we’ll tell you all about this buggy edition.

You should know by now that in this website we love a certain game about a tiny bug who wields a nail. That’s why we were so happy to see that Team Cherry has finally released a worthy set of items for collectors of this great title. Want to know which one of the two versions you should get? Fret not, because we will tell you everything about the Hollow Knight Collector’s Edition.

Released by Fangamer, this edition will bring some goodies to the table that Hollow Knight fans will surely love. First of all, keep in mind that you can also get the standard physical edition of the game. This option offers some nice things too for a cheaper price, so keep it in mind if you don’t want to spend a lot of cash. The Collector’s Edition retails at $69 (for the Switch version) and $64 (for the PS4 and PC versions). On the other hand, the Standard physical edition costs $29 (for PS4 and PC) and $34 (for Switch). And now, let’s take a look at the things that we will find on the Collector’s Edition:

Gold Foil Collector’s Box

Hollow Knight Collector's Edition

This box will hold up everything in place if you don’t want to leave everything scattered all around your room. A sturdy textured case with the most important item of this edition placed on a display window: the brooch.

Knight Brooch with Stand

Hollow Knight Collector's Edition

This brooch is the thing that makes this Edition worth the price. This metal brooch with a fancy design can be displayed thanks to the stand on the back in multiple positions. Best birthday present for your grandma.

Quirrel Comic Book

Hollow Knight Collector's Edition

Follow Quirrel’s journey into the depths of Hallownest in this 14-page comic book. The artistic charm of Team Cherry is plastered all over it, and the more Quirrel we have the better.

Gold Foil Art Print Set

Hollow Knight Collector's Edition

Made by Ari Gibson (also known as “the guy who managed to make bugs look cute”), this set of small portraits with gold-foil filigree looks quite nice. But if I have to be honest, it looks like one of those things you say “huh, neat” and never look at them ever again.

Instruction Manual

Hollow Knight Collector's Edition

For all young minds who don’t know about this, back in the day we used to have this inside of our game cases. They shared knowledge about the enemies, weapons, and things that we would find in the game. The name we gave to these readable things was Book’ L’ts.

Hallownest Map

Hollow Knight Collector's Edition

Look at this beauty, it would make Cornifer proud for sure. This fold-up map comes in a really cute envelope with our dear cartographer’s sealing wax. Pleasant to the eyes, pleasant to the soul.

Preorder Bonus: Papercraft Set

Hollow Knight Collector's Edition

If you preorder the Collector’s Edition, you’ll get this three papercraft figurines to fiddle around with. The small grub is asking for a hug, and only a monster would deny it.

Switch Exclusive: Cleaning Cloth

Hollow Knight Collector's Edition

It’s a cleaning cloth, what else do you want me to say? I guess this is why the Switch version costs $4 more.

Physical Game and Case

Hollow Knight Collector's Edition

All cases come with the physical game (PC version comes with a Steam code) and reversible cover art. Also, can we all agree that the PC case looks really cheap?

Extra Stuff

We can add to our edition a Hollow Knight pin and the Wanderer’s Journal (a really good artbook) for a couple of extra bucks. My advice is getting the physical edition and then adding the Wanderer’s Journal as a bundle. As all editions come with the manual and the Hallownest map, you can get three cool things with the game for $54. However, if money is not an issue you can add the artbook to the Collector’s Edition and get everything for $89. Or you can just read why this game made me love and care about indie developers, it’s your call.

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