Horizon Chase Turbo Review


Horizon Chase Turbo is a racing game that takes its inspiration from the arcade racers of the 80’s and 90’s, such as OutRun and Lotus Turbo Challenge. Each lap you take in Horizon Chase recreates classic arcade gameplay and offers you full throttle action from the off. Horizon Chase has split screen support across the whole game, bringing you that nostalgic feel of playing with your mates in a couch co-op style.

Read on to see what I really thought of this nostalgic race-fest.

Developed by: Aquiris Game Studio

Platforms Available on: PS4 and Steam. Coming soon to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Reviewed on PS4.

Price: £15.99


This game is simply my childhood, in a nutshell, many and I mean many hours burned away playing the likes of OutRun, having this placed into my life is like having the keys to the Delorean (Oh dear god if only….) and racing back in time.

From the main menu, you are hit with the awesome soundtrack, the only option available to you from the start is World Tour and after you’ve completed this, you will unlock Tournament then Endurance modes, and as stated above, all of which are fully playable couch co-op.

There are 12 countries for you to race around each containing 3 races and one Upgrade race, win this and you are able to upgrade all your unlocked cars. Oh yes the cars, 31 in total, none of which are licensed but if you look close enough you can tell what the car is meant to be, as in the red cruiser is quite clearly a Ferrari, all have different handling and speed but the main thing is all look really REALLY cool.

Once you jump into the race, at first it’s a bit of a blur and a little difficult to control as the tracks come hurtling past as you floor it past your opponent, and for the first few corners if you are anything like me you, get acquainted with the sigh posts on a few occasions but this by no means spoils the gameplay in any way, it just takes a bit to get used to it.

Once you get used to the gameplay, the memories come flooding back as you go screaming around the tracks.

Unlike the games of yesteryear, the graphics are based on retro games, so the screens are smoother and graphics are good to stare at; yes, while this is no Gran Turismo, if you are looking at Horizon Chase Turbo it’s not for a real sim, you choose this for a nostalgic thrill ride.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are really good for the game and a lot better than I’d expected. I was first expecting some 16bit graphics, which in all honesty I would’ve been happy with, but this is a really polished game with 4k graphics and a retro styling and everything just fits.

The soundtrack is awesomely composed by none other than Barry Leitch, the composer of the classic racers Lotus Turbo Challenge and TopGear along with many others. The whole game clicks into place the graphics and sound helping hold it all together.


Now to summarise the game, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I absolutely loved the game, the whole game just works, the only gripe I do have is there is no online multiplayer although you can play up to 4 players split screen couch co-op, it would’ve given it a bit more edge of online, as of time of review you are only able to keep track of leaderboards and race against other players ghosts to compete for best times.

If it’s a thrill ride you are after, then this is most definitely the game for you. If it isn’t, then get it anyway and let it show you how gaming used to be done.

Horizon Chase Turbo








Replay Value



  • Couch co-op
  • Massive choice of cars

Not Cool

  • No online

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