How a terrible Fortnite player’s pathetic actions earned him the solo kill record

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Elemental Ray now has the solo kill record in Fortnite with an incredibly impressive 48 solo kills from a maximum of 100 players. This is amazing; to achieve this, you’d have to be ridiculously talented and a genuinely skilled competitor. However, Elemental Ray isn’t any of those things. The player has a 0.6% win ratio and a totally pathetic 0.47 kill/death ratio. So how did an absolutely terrible player manage to achieve such a feat of skill?

Luck and griefing.

Ray decided he’d love to ruin other player’s fun. All season Fortnite has been building to an event, at a very specific time and place a rocket was going to launch. Unsurprisingly, players gathered to view the event, building a huge viewing platform in order to get the best view possible. The launch was stunning, resulting in various space-time cracks appearing throughout the map as well as a huge anomaly in the sky. Unfortunately, Ray spoiled this event for these players. By destroying the platform he sent 48 people plummeting to their doom. If anything, Rubbish Ray has no record. Gravity does. Of course, he’s being abused online, which is poor of people to do, others are taking it in jest. If this was a high profile player taking advantage it would likely be an issue. Instead, it’s a poor player who has seized his moment in the spotlight.

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