#IDARB Review

Well, let’s start by saying that you’ve probably never seen anything like this game before. So let’s get into detail.

Reviewed on Xbox One; also available on PC.


What is #IDARB?

#IDARB [“It Draws A Red Box”] is an indie game developed by Other Ocean Interactive for Xbox One.

Behind the game’s name there’s a story; everything started with a red box, which rapidly grew thanks to the community feed posted mainly on twitter; the developers listened, and #IDARB was created.

Tell me more, tell me more!

#IDARB is a fast-paced sports game based on the classic team vs. team idea (this never gets old!) and it’s extremely competitive. The game objective is to score as many goals (points) as possible in a series of rounds; you can either play in a defensive or offensive way in order to lead your team to victory. Do whatever it takes to become the MVP (even if eventually requires you to stun other players; anything goes)!

It delivers tons of co-op fun (both local and online), and it’s worth mentioning that it supports up to 8 controllers (now, that’s next-gen!) which means a total of 8 players on screen (4vs.4) at the same time, and believe me, that’s CRAZY.

A cool feature #IDARB brings to the table is the character, logo and theme song creation tools, and that’s practically all you need to create your own team. There are also some easily recognizable premade teams, one of them being The Escapists (another ID@XBOX program title, you can read my review here)

With this simple and effective tools, you can let your imagination and creativity run wild, and you’ll probably spend hours and hours creating and customizing your teams or composing groovy tracks with some kickass beats (no musical theory knowledge needed). You’ll be amazed by some of the creations the community has already made so far.

As you can see, in the creation tools section a QR code generator is included, giving players the chance to share their creations with other users, taking advantage of Kinect to successfully import other people’s work.

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Taking a deeper look at the sound section, I must admit there is a special atmosphere immersed in the game; the old school soundtrack with techno beats and wisely combined with 8-bit graphics equals a breath of fresh and retro air as a result, which gives the game a unique 80’s feel to it; the kind of emotional feel that I personally love.

There is also a remarkable social element added into the game; players will be able to stream matches via twitch and there is also Twitter integration, giving spectators a big role: the art of trolling. YES, you can feel like a sir trolling other people’s matches by tweeting certain hashtags a.k.a. “Hashbombs“, which can be disabled at any time (this option is ONLY for boring people).


Hashbomb List


#IDARB ‘s creator Mike Mika, recently stated on his personal Twitter account that there will be some updates (in the near future) which will keep improving the game (gameplay enhancements) and adding content to it.


What do I think about the game?


I’ve been playing #IDARB for some weeks since I managed to get early access and all I can say that it has been quite an intense experience. I truly believe that this is one of the most promising indie titles for the Xbox One at this very moment; there is too much potential on it. Thanks to #IDARB, I’ve actually realised that simplicity wins, and I hope this gives a humility lesson to AAA title developers.

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If you stop and think about it for a second, you will quickly find out that this game is completely revolutionary; its groundbreaking development concept is something new that really reflects the actual tendency and need of the community getting involved in the creation process of a video game.

How can a tweet evolve in less than a year into an indie title on a next-generation console? It may seem an impossible thing to achieve but they made it, and I’m glad they could do it.

I love this game and everything it offers, from the addicting gameplay to the guaranteed fun that it will provide you. Your very first attempt will probably end up on a potential patience loss because you’ll easily lose track of your character or the ball on the screen, followed at the same time by the overwhelming challenge and the desire of self-improvement.

To be honest, my very first thought was: This is too much for the human eye! But later I realised that it wasn’t; you can actually get used to the high-speed and action of the game after you play a few matches.



It’s amazing how complete this game is; it has everything you would expect it to have and much more such as the capability of unlocking party food recipes (prepare for pumpkin bread!) as a reward, and as I said earlier, there’s plenty more coming on future updates.

The game graphics are certainly not next-gen (I can’t argue on that) but the previously mentioned features included in this game such as using Kinect (QR CODES), Twitter and Twitch integration are really next-gen (I am just expressing my opinions of what next-gen is, and I think it’s more than just a visual thing). The gameplay is the most relevant aspect of any game (like it or not), being the graphics just a complement.

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From my point of view, #IDARB is like whisky on a Friday night; you know it’s gonna happen sooner or later, so enjoy responsibly. (Kids, wait for your turn; winter is coming, and so is adulthood.)

A game like this actually needs to be experienced, that’s why I encourage all of you gamers to give it a try. Congratulations to every person who harshly worked on it to get this huge game as a result, especially to the developers. And by the way, BEST ENDING CREDITS EVER.       

Thank God for putting LSD into Woodstock [1969], and thank God for putting #IDARB on the XBOX ONE [2015].










Fun Factor



  • Fast paced competition
  • Twitter integration is pretty cool
  • 8-bit sprite editor
  • Unique concept
  • Incredibly fun

Not Cool

  • Sometimes there's way too much going on for the human eye
  • Hard to master

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