IGN Harassment Claims – What we Know So Far

The shocking news dropped yesterday on Twitter (Monday, 13th November): staff members of IGN staged a walkout / strike in show of support for former colleague Kallie Plagge who had broke the news through her Twitter feed (@inkydojikko) earlier that she was subjected to sexual harassment from a male colleague. The staff at IGN were angry at the fact that IGN had not at that time issued a statement and were keeping very quiet about the whole situation; was the silence an admission of guilt? Or was the silence time for IGN to gather all the information and evidence together? Well as it was silence this is something we didn’t know at the time and speculation was rife on social media. IGN’s daily news show “Daily Fix” was cancelled for the day yesterday as the staff remained on strike and were unwilling to start work until an official statement was made.

This is what Kallie Plagge put out on her own Twitter to explain her side of the story:

Reading through that statement doesn’t paint IGN in a great light at all and all signs are looking towards a cover up. Within the statement Kallie names the alledged harasser as Vincent Ingenito, who at the time was an editor at IGN.

As today unfolded Vince himself went to Twitter to explain his side of the story, he posted this on his Twitter page: an apology he texted Kallie that he sent after he found out she felt uncomfortable;

Reading more of Vince’s Twitter feed (@vincogneato) he seems to be claiming that it was harmless office banter that over stepped boundaries. To be fair any type of “office banter” that can be interpreted as sexual harassment has no place in society.

Now it is over to IGN to make their statement known to the community and world and show their stance on the subject. Interestingly enough IGN’s statement says there are two colleagues they have “failed”. The second member of staff in question still works at IGN and her name is Chloi, she also went to Twitter to have her story told (@_chloi)

Below is IGN’s statement;

Many are questioning the timing of IGN’s statement, why did it take so long to put out? A few have even stated that they are going to boycott the site. All in all, it seems a very messy situation that has been badly managed from the start; hopefully never to be repeated.

Leave your thoughts on this in the comment section below and let us know how you feel about it.

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