Inside My Radio Review

For many years, while being a child, I often wondered what was inside my radio, where were all the sounds coming from? Were tiny people living in there? Well, finally after all these years, Seaven Studios have very kindly solved the mystery, as it was a rhythm, action platformer inside… all along… makes complete sense now!

Read on to see if Inside My Radio is a dream symphony or just more of a bum note.

Developer: Seaven Studios.

Platforms Available: Available on all platforms. Reviewed on Nintendo Switch.

Price: £8.99.

Available: Now.


The story’s main character is a small green (pretty cool looking) LED that becomes mysteriously trapped inside an aging boombox. The boombox is being destroyed from the inside by an evil that you have to stop in order to save the music. Here is where your musical adventure begins.


So this is a rhythm adventure platformer (no, I didn’t know that was a thing either) which basically means you move around to the music and keep the rhythm going. Now I love playing platformers, especially on Nintendo Switch but never actually played a rhythm one before.

At first, I kept dying (a lot) but thankfully, there is a helpful rhythm guide button which gives you spots that circle you around and tell you when to move. This got me going in no time and off I was going on my musical journey. The game itself gets really fun to play and becomes quite addictive and, before you know it, you’ve got a few levels under your belt.

Music is playing constantly throughout the game, only changing when you do certain moves at certain points. The great part is that when the music changes, it also changes parts of the level, so sometimes, you’ll need to activate a button, to change the music in order to change the platform to be able to keep going on. The whole atmosphere changes along with the music and changes the level completely, I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

As you move, or even groove through the game, you contact with different characters: a funky Elvis looking orange character and a brown hip/hop reggae type looking character. As you change over each character the music changes accordingly, adding more depth and interest to the game. It never feels old or stale, as something is always changing each time.

The puzzle aspect of the game is challenging as you need to move to the beat to complete certain puzzles. A few times I came unstuck but it never put me off the game and made me want to keep trying until I passed it (trust me, sometimes it took a while).

To be fair, I could probably just move around the level to the music and be quite happy not moving forward, it gets that addictive, and knowing you can change it with your movements adds a plus to the enjoyment. The game is bright and atmospheric with a lot going on at once, but the game can handle it and I never noticed any bugs or glitches.

Although the story to Inside My Radio is a good one, it does lose a bit of focus throughout the game and I struggled to see what certain things meant when it came to the story, but the gameplay is still enjoyable either way.

The two main bosses you come across are quite unique, the first one is like a dance off where you need to hit the correct buttons when prompted, and the second and last boss is harder, with a more old school arcade feel, like the jump from wall attack and dodge flying eggs; all good fun, my only downside is that it was over too soon, I just felt like there could’ve been a couple more bosses or something to keep you going, it all made the game feel a bit short.

The last boss has to be one of the most frustrating end bosses I have ever come up against, one hit from the flying egg bombs and you have to start over, but with the frustration came somewhat of a strange enjoyment, that I just couldn’t put down until I had completed it, which kind of sums up the whole game quite well: easy to pick up but, my god, hard to put down.

If you’re after a bigger challenge (you must be mad) then try out time trial mode, where you need to complete the level within the time set, and yeah, I’ve not yet completed this challenge yet, but while there is still breath in my lungs this shall be done (in the end!)

Graphics and Sound

Inside my Radio has a unique look and feel to it with some kind of cell shaded cartoon look and it is all stunning, keeping your eyes stuck to the screen throughout. It’s just an amazing colorful assault on the eyes. The soundtrack is awesome and, as it says at the beginning, “do not play with the sound off”. No, you need to crank the sound up and enjoy the electro beats and grooves as you work your way through the game, it all just works and pulls together to make an awesome looking and sounding game.


Now to summarise my thoughts on Inside My Radio, it’s a great game, pretty short game, but a great game all the same. Its great sounds and visuals are definitely straight on my list for must haves on the Switch system and definitely worth looking up.

Inside My Radio




Graphics and Sound







  • Unique gameplay experience
  • Can’t put it down
  • Cool soundtrack
  • Bright visuals

Not Cool

  • A bit short
  • Frustrating at times

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