Wed. Apr 10th, 2019

Is a Reggie Fils-Aimé Farewell Nintendo Direct a possibility?

Yes. It very much is. Reggie has been an absolute industry icon since what feels like the dawn of time. He has been at Nintendo since 2003 and has become a staple of the company, recognisable alongside legends such as Miyamoto and Iwata. He was huge in the DS and Wii era and has been instrumental in Nintendo returning to the forefront of gaming with the Nintendo Switch. The man we all know and love is about to retire, let’s start with a reminder of his highlights:

Nintendo is a truly mad place. With a career spanning nearly two decades at the big N, it would make sense Reggie would want to go out on a bang and allow his replace, Doug Bowser (seriously…), to step into the spotlight. What better way to do this than with a headline grabbing Nintendo Direct? Last week Best Buy leaked several Nintendo Switch SKUs including Persona 5 and a Metroid Prime Trilogy. Nintendo have a ton of heavy hitters releasing this year, like Animal Crossing and Mario Maker 2, that we have next to no information on. A Nintendo Direct in the foreseeable future just makes sense. Need any more clues?

This curious tweet is nearly a month old now. It involves Tom Nook offering to help with your taxes, he is fantastic at handling money after all, and is a genuinely nice guy who’ll do a lot to get you on the property ladder (an interest free loan is essentially magic beans in 2019). On The United States of America, Tax Day –whatever that means – falls on a pretty important date:

Reggie retires on this date.

It’s all coming together. Like the great Chibi Robo fire of whatever year that was (2018?). Nintendo has offered us up the clues that we need to get excited for a Direct in the very near future. There’s also Smash 3.0 and Joker and Fire Emblem and many more projects to get news on (May is looking a little bare on Switch, don’t you think?). I think we’re about to get a Nintendo Direct. I think Reggie’s retirement is going to be a genuinely heartbreaking gaming moment. He has given us Nintendo fans some incredible memories and it only seems fitting that we get just a few more before his final farewell to the Nintendo fandom.

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