Is Catherine Coming To PC?

In 2011, Atlus released one of the most unique gaming experiences on the Xbox 360 and PS3, titled Catherine. The game received praise for its concept and story and has inspired speedrunners to challenge the complex puzzles throughout the game. The game is even supposed to release this year for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, called Catherine: Full Body, but there hasn’t been anything around a possible PC release. Until now.

Sega has been known to tease upcoming PC releases on Steam, on another game’s page. Well, it has begun. A user with the name of Sega Dev has published on the Bayonetta page a photo of a sheep with the word Baa. Now you might be thinking that’s wishful thinking or stretching the imagination but, a title named Catherine Classic has a classification in Australia since the 20th of December and has an ESRB rating for PC at an M rating.

Everything seems to indicate that Catherine, in some shape or form, will be coming to PC. With that being said, are you excited for a possible PC release? Have you played Catherine before? Let us know how you feel about the game. Remember that The Loot Gaming is your one stop for everything on gaming news and reviews and on everything Atlus related.

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