Is Trophy Hunting Worthwhile? Or Is It A Waste Of Time?

It’s inevitable that when life gives you games, you make platinum trophies. Whether consciously or unconsciously, it’s unavoidable. When we get our new, piping hot game out of its case or when the timer ticks to zero on a download, the first thing some gamers do is taking a look at the trophy list. But why is this? What creates the drive to fill your virtual trophy case? Only the individual really knows but, in this article, we can try to develop a better understanding of what drives these perfectionists and ask the age-old question: Is it really worth it? So read on as we cover a few examples of the good, the bad and the ugly side of trophy hunting.

A Sense Of Achievement
I have 12 platinum trophies so this one I can definitely agree on. There is something truly special about going through hell to get the most elusive of trophies. Most often ones that require you to complete the game on the hardest difficulty or dive into a window while shooting, flashed and low on health. Once you see that notification pop up, it’s like biting into a cream egg… it’s that good. It gives you an “I did that” feeling that simply cannot be beaten. The relief of finally obtaining that coveted platinum is a truly awesome feeling. Now when someone asks me how many platinums I have, I can smirk and say: “I have 12”. With platinum trophy hunting size doesn’t matter, it’s about the quality. If I tell people I have the Bioshock Infinite platinum I’m met with varying levels of “Oh man that’s SO cool” or “that must have taken hours” and it’s bloody great. Can I put it on my CV? We’ll get to that below.

Does it Spoil The Fun Of The Game?
Now, for a very long time, I personally thought this. A few years ago I never even bothered with the “trophy hunting”. I simply put the disc in (digital downloads suck *just saying* but that’s another topic) and I was away on my quest to beat the game. I wasn’t trophy hungry so I got more involved with the game itself and wasn’t bothered about varying levels of difficulties or getting X amount of kills with a weapon. I played the game how I wanted and it was great. My sister, however, was and still is, a trophy hunter and she played the games for that glorious platinum. She used to get angry, frustrated and even gave up on games because of these virtual milestones. In my young +but adorable- eyes, it boggled me as to why she put herself through it and more importantly what was so special about these silly trophies. Was her pain and agony, attempting to get to the end goal, worth it? Not being able to play certain games if the platinum is completely unattainable seems like a fun sucker to me!

Who’s Better? I AM!
Who’s ready for a zip line? Hopefully, someone got that…. we all love a good brag every now and then. Whether it be over your game collection, how many special editions you have or how far you got in a game of solitaire. Yes, I am that old. But what better way to make your friends feel shame than a trophy brag? Now, I’m not talking about those sissy bronze trophies, I mean the meaty gold and platinum ones. Granted some are easy to earn, (looking at you Conan Exiles), while others are super duper hard (looking at you Wolfenstein: The New Colossus). All it takes is for you to get one that’s worthwhile and you start the glorious fire that is jealousy and resentment. You can never let anyone live it down. Not only that, but this goes back to my first point of feeling accomplishment… you’ve become a HUNTER ALPHA! However, to answer my previous question, after much research… no, you can’t put it on your CV.

Aint Nobody Got Time For That!

One thing that I think plays a massive part in the “trophy hunting” game is the ability to sit and grind in the first place. Unfortunately, life gets in the way, making it longer and more frustrating to earn these trophies. Now, unlike the previous entries, this is one that cannot be ignored or pushed aside. When I was but a gaming noob, I had school, full-time job and beard growing that kept me away from getting the more nitty-gritty trophies. So I stopped and played a game with my mates and didn’t care. Only until I got rid of school (kept the beard growing of course) did I get some time to get my first few platinums. Others, however, do not have that option.

All in all, it comes down to the individual. Whether you’re a trophy hunter or not, you’re a gamer and that makes you awesome. If you like going for those platinums keep it up and if it’s not for you, you keep playing those games however you want. What do you think of trophies? Do you hunt for them? Or do you prefer to play a game as you see fit? Let me know in the comments below.

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