Jettomero: Hero of the Universe Review

Reviewed on Xbox One; Also available on PlayStation 4 and PC. 

I fell in love with Jettomero: Hero Of The Universe, completely. Its comic book art style, mesmerizing soundtrack and adorable protagonist all made my time with this game a truly wonderful experience. Why? I’ll tell you.


You are Jettomero, a very gigantic, clumsy robot that believes his destiny is to become the Hero of the Universe. Jettomero: Hero of the Universe isn’t the longest nor most thrilling story out there, but I enjoyed it none the less. I grew quite attached to Jettomero as a character, he is so cute and I like adorable things, which made me need to learn of his origin. Why was he here? How was he here? Can there really be a giant robot that is a hero? All valid questions, all answered.



Simple yet satisfying, this quirky, charming game is full of delightfulness. I won’t lie, this game isn’t for everyone. I think of it like Marmite; some of you will love it, some will hate it. The gameplay itself is pretty basic, imagine a really basic No Man’s Sky, sort of. You go from planet to planet to save the humans from the dangers that surround that planet. Sadly, the biggest concern to the planet is you. As you prowl the planet for the next threat, you’re destroying buildings and the ships and tanks that may or may not be attacking you. The thought’s there though. The best part about this game? Robot customisation. Yes, as you are ‘saving’ planets you will find plenty different robot parts to change the look of Jettomero. I made mine look like a criminal mastermind, of course. On every 2 or 3 planets you discover there will be a boss to fight, in the form of a crazy looking robot. This boss battle is in the form of pretty simple quick time events. Although there was no challenge in these I still really enjoyed pressing a string of buttons to defeat an enemy as apposed to the usual fighting in various other games. After defeating these bosses, you will uncover a puzzle to solve, again, really simple but after doing so you will uncover some more of why Jettomero is here.


Graphics and Sound

The art style of this randomly generated world is one of the many things I love. It’s almost a mixture between comic books and 60’s pop art. And it works. It’s so pleasing to the eyes and the attention to detail is exceptional. Any cut scenes are done through comic book art and there’s even a photo mode to capture that perfect moment.  The soundtrack is so relaxing and mesmerising and compliments the look immensely. Gliding through the Galaxy listening to the ‘spacey’ and down – tempo music had me enthralled (and a little sleepy). For a game with such an incredible look, feel and sound I only wish there was a little more depth to the story.



As I said before, Jettomero: Hero of the Universe isn’t going to be for everyone. But if you’re a fan of quirky art styles, hypnotising soundtracks and adorable robots then you definitely need to play this game. Perhaps wait for a sale as it is pretty short, easily completed in a night. But don’t let that put you off, Jettomero: Hero of the Universe is a truly wonderful experience and I genuinely enjoyed every minute I spent with it. This felt like a sort of, ‘wind down’ game for me, I would come home from work and sit down and relax with Jettomero, exploring planets. Not having to worry that I may be stuck on a certain boss for 10 minutes like many other ‘indie’ titles, that’s what I loved, being able to go through at my own pace. This made me enjoy the experience that much more. Pick up Jettomero: Hero of the Universe and go all out to be the hero the people deserve!

Jettomero: Hero of the Universe









  • Vibrant art style
  • Relaxing soundtrack
  • Customization
  • Photo mode is cool

Not Cool

  • Length may put some people off
  • Pretty simple
  • Basic story

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