Konami Anniversary Collection will make your wallet cry

Konami Anniversary Collection

We knew something was coming, but we didn’t know it was going to be so good. The Konami Anniversary Collection is here, but what is it bringing to the table?

I knew, I was sure of it! Well, to be honest, I didn’t know everything, but at least I’m happy to say that this looks… Good. As you may recall, I talked a little bit about Castlevania Anniversary Collection being rated in Australia. And now, it’s official: we are not only going to get Castlevania, but almost everything else too. Folks, say hello to the Konami Anniversary Collection.

Konami Anniversary Collection

As stated by Konami itself, this collection will bring back the glory days of the company to every console. With 8 titles per anthology as well as a bonus book talking about fun facts, behind-the-scenes insights and interviews, you won’t get bored anytime soon. But let’s take a deeper look into every collection:

Arcade Classics

Konami Anniversary Collection

Games included:

  • Haunted Castle
  • Typhoon (A-JAX in Japan)
  • Nemesis (better known as Gradius, don’t know what’s the deal with Europe getting dumb names)
  • VULCAN VENTURE (Gradius II, seriously? Seriously)
  • LIFE FORCE (Salamander, I give up)
  • Scramble
  • TwinBee

Tons of shmups and the really bad arcade version of a Castlevania game. Decent selection, could have been worse. This collection arrives on April 18, with a price of $19.99. A little bit pricey if you ask me, but that’s how nostalgia works… I guess.

Castlevania Anniversary Collection

Konami Anniversary Collection

Games included (so far):

  • Castlevania
  • Dracula’s Curse
  • Belmont’s Revenge (why are you here)
  • Super Castlevania IV

No, I’m being serious: why the Game Boy version of Castlevania II?! I mean, I know Simon’s Quest is notorious but come on Konami! Anyway, back on track. I’m not really worried about the remaining games, and that’s because of this:

The first Konami Castlevania Collection[…] a completed collection around the origins of the historic franchise.

Now, I don’t know about you, but last time I checked, first meant that there’s going to be more than one. Thus, as long as I can get at least Order of Ecclesia I’ll be happy. This collection will come out on early summer.

CONTRA Anniversary Collection

Konami Anniversary Collection

Games included (so far):


I really love how you can’t write CONTRA on lower case. But yeah, this one looks so far so good. I guess. Fine, I’m not really fond of CONTRA, are you happy now? This one also comes on early summer.

And that’s it! Could this be the day in which we see people playing SotN on their Switch? Perhaps someone yelling at the screen while playing CONTRA (I really like saying CONTRA)? Only time will tell. And I hope it tells me that the DS games will arrive as well, otherwise I’ll be really mad.

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