Last Minute Gamer Gift Guide

If you’re anything like me you’ll be constantly asked ‘What are you getting (insert name) for Christmas?’ Your forever response will be ‘Not sure, I still have ages.’ That line even works out on Christmas Eve. Christmas really is just a big puzzle game, it’s all about ensuring the pieces fall into the right places and ensuring a happy outcome. Luckily, there’s plenty of cheat codes. Here are some suggestions….


Christmas Jumper Range

Harry Potter, Batman, PlayStation, Rick and Morty, Fallout and so many more brands are represented in this huge Christmas jumper range. You can grab them online or GAME stores tend to stock them. My favourite? The PlayStation symbols one of course.

Smelly Stuff

Star Wars candles? Destiny engrams with their own light? Quidditch pitch scent? Burning sheep? The smells of Skyrim? They’re all available. It’s pretty crazy how strong these smells are, they’re incredibly unique and work as display pieces and even party tricks.

The Wonderfully Weird

These incense burners are incredibly unique and special. They’re a great size that makes them work as display pieces. If you know a fan of either franchise you should definitely pick these up.

The Big One

Official Pac-Man Quarter Size Arcade Cabinet

This 1/4 scale Pac-Man arcade cabinet would be the centre piece of any collection. It’s a fantastic item that definitely deserves a place in any fan’s display. It has a totally premium look and feel and is fully playable.

Holiday Comfort

If, like lucky me, you have a couple of free weeks over the holidays then I’m sure you’d love to be as comfy as possible while you enjoy your rest and recuperation. Wrap yourself up in these geeky garments and enjoy many marathon sessions in your favourite titles.


It’s the biggest cultural phenomenon of the year. It should come as no surprise that there is a huge merchandise push for Fortnite right now.

Of course there are also games, consoles, accessories and a lot more but hopefully this little guide gives you ideas for something that bit more special! Merry Christmas!

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