Law & Order: Bethesda Edition

Bethesda is very protective of their properties, for better or worse, and will not hesitate to seek legal action if something gets even slightly close to their franchises. Let’s not forget they filed a lawsuit against Minecraft developer Mojang when they were developing their title, Scrolls because the name resembled too close to their massive franchise The Elder Scrolls. That one, in my opinion, was just petty but, thankfully, they’ve since settled.

In the latest saga in Law & Order: Bethesda Edition, the company has filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. and developer Behaviour Interactive. Why is Bethesda suing them? Well, this time, they may have some validity to their claims.

Behaviour Interactive is the company that developed the mega-successful iOS and Android game Fallout Shelter, now also available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. They are also the developers to create a game for Warner Bros. based on the extremely popular Westworld series. Bethesda is suing because the game Westworld has a lot of assets in it that appeared in Fallout Shelter and they even claim that code from Fallout Shelter has been placed into Westworld, they’ve said it’s evident based on both games having the same bugs and glitches.

So why are they suing Warner Bros.? According to Bethesda, Warner Bros. enticed Behaviour Interactive to steal the code to use in their game due to Fallout Shelter being such a financial success.

My take? The code will tell the truth. If the coding is indeed the same, Behaviour Interactive is guilty. As this develops, we’ll keep you updated.


Warner Bros. has released the following statement:

Where do you stand on the lawsuit? Do you think Bethesda has legal standing? Or do you think they are trying to muscle Warner Bros and Behaviour Interactive? If it is true that Behaviour Interactive stole the coding and assets, is Warner Bros. guilty as well?

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