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Leak: Fallout Shelter is coming to PS4 very soon, potentially Nintendo Switch as well

Bethesda desperately need to hire a plumber, the story of their E3 so far has been leakage. After Wal-mart in Canada spoiled Rage 2, achievement tracking site Exophase has uncovered Fallout Shelter on PS4. Head over there if you want to see the full list of trophies that the free to play title is getting: https://www.exophase.com/game/fallout-shelter-trophy-set-psn/trophies/

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A Platinum trophy being included is an excellent highlight. The trophy list being available generally means a game is close to release, perhaps it will release during Sunday’s Bethesda conference? We’ll find out very soon at least.

For those unfamiliar, Fallout Shelter is a base and resource management game where you play as a Vault overseer and manage your inhabitants lives and needs. The game is already playable on Xbox One and on mobile devices, could a Nintendo Switch release accompany the PS4 version?

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