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Lego Dimensions ongoing support axed

It looks like Warner Brothers, TT games and Lego group have finally called time on Lego dimensions. Released in 2015, the popular Toys to Life has seen a plethora of characters and expansions added over the last 2 years but looks like it wont be supported for the original 3 as planned.

After having meteoric rise, demand for Toys to life franchises have been in steady decline, with similar high profile games such as Disney Infinity stopping support earlier this year. Activision’s Skylanders has also seen its sales number dwindle with each instalment.

Their twitter account just released the following statement thanking the fans and community for their support.


At present it looks like server support and customer service will still be offered (unlike Disney Infinity) which is good news. However, one can’t help if this will be the case in a year or so.

Out of the 3 main toys to life franchises I always felt that Lego Dimensions was the strongest. It had great character writing and the usual Lego game charm, as well as the tried and tested gameplay of other established Lego franchises. I for one will personally miss it as it was a great little couch co-op with my children.

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