LEGO® Disney•Pixar’s The Incredibles Review

Tt Games’ LEGO titles are a modern staple of the Video Game industry. The phenomenon started with LEGO Star Wars and has now grown to include brand new properties like LEGO City Undercover and covered other beloved franchises such as LEGO Jurassic World.
With the upcoming release of Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles 2, Tt Games have turned their heads to the franchise to recreate their first ever Pixar title. As usual, you’ll be able to play drop in, drop out co-op from start to finish here, anytime. Is the resulting product an incredible experience?

Release Date: 13th July 2018

Platfroms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Price: £41.99

Size: 13.95 GB

Genre: Action Platformer

Developed By: Tt Games

Published By: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment


For fans of the movies, the story here will be familiar fare. What isn’t so familiar is the hilarious gusto in which the story is told with the LEGO figures. You’ll take part in six levels based on each film, each taking between thirty mins and an hour adding up to a campaign that’ll take you around ten hours to beat. Each familiar moment from the movies has a LEGO twist to add some more action or humor and they mostly work well. For some, the humor will be a little immature but as with Pixar films generally any adult with a heart will be smiling all the way through.

Some of the silliness stems from the Family LEGO builds that you’ll use incredibricks on. One early creation is a huge buzz saw that Mr Incredible uses to destroy an enemy vehicle. Every level has a moment like this. There are a ton of cutscenes which are all voice acted very well and include plenty of visual gags. Again these familiar scenes contain plenty of little LEGO twists.

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Tt Games brings more of the traditional LEGO fare in this category as well. I’ve you’ve enjoyed a LEGO game in the past, you’ll enjoy the Parr family journey here. You’ll use the variety of powers at your disposal to solve puzzles, beat up bad guys and maneuver through platforming sections as you aim to clear the campaign. The Incredibles can team up in a variety of ways to help solve puzzles. Is a current in a river too strong to swim or run up? Elastigirl can transform into a boat and Dash can propel her to the other side. It’s a nice way to tie the story in with the gameplay simply.

Outside of the main campaign, there’s a full open world city to explore. It’s an exciting space with enough content to double what you get in the campaign. There’s a ton of collectibles strewn throughout Municiberg and New Urbem as well as races and side quests. Each area of the map will be overtaken by a super villain from time to time. Clearing these leads to boss battle showdowns with the villains that get repetitive quickly and don’t use the same puzzle elements the campaign capitalizes. The Crime Wave missions are a nice addition though that add some variety to the game.

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Repetitiveness is LEGO The Incredibles’ biggest curse. Unfortunately, there isn’t a hugely varied cast of characters here or recognizable locations to capture the player’s attention. This isn’t a Marvel or DC property where there’s a huge backlog of characters and area to tap into. Some of the most inventive moments are when other Pixar properties cross over. There are numerous underwater races to complete as Dory. Burrow underground as Flick. Scream doors down or blast through walls as Sully. These little moments made me desperate for more. Full Pixar themed levels would have been excellent as rewards or to flesh the game out with more variety. Instead 90% of the characters you won’t recognize or remotely care about.

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This doesn’t mean the game isn’t fun, especially with a friend. There’s enough variety in content to make up for a lack of variety in gameplay. The game starts very slow but once you start to take advantage of the open world and unlock little perks such as 10x studs or invincibility. There are twelve of these modifiers to unlock by completing each area’s Crime Wave and solving a small Pixar themed puzzle. They really do make the game more fun. The way you unlock characters is different in comparison to other LEGO titles. Instead of choosing who you want to spend your hard earned studs on you earn character bags which you spend studs to open, gifting you a random character in three categories. It adds a bit more fun especially as you won’t recognize the characters you’re getting so you don’t know who to spend studs on the same way you set out to buy your favorite DC or Marvel character.

Graphics and Sound

The game looks excellent. The world has a really nice, clean visual style and LEGO objects blend in absolutely perfectly with the environment. You can tell a lot of effort goes into making sure the LEGO aspects and natural aspects don’t ever juxtapose each other. The characters are all very defined, you can tell who’s who despite them being made up of the same basic building blocks (sorry). Sound wise the game does a very good job as well. Voice acting feels legitimate and the music, especially the race music, really fits the brand. An all-round impressive job in these categories.

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If you like the LEGO series of games then there’s a lot to like about LEGO The Incredibles. It brings some cool new additions to the formula while retaining the humorous heart of these games. If you aren’t a fan then this won’t be the game to convert you. There’s a lot of fun to be had here, however, there’s a lot of repetition. This is a solid title, it’s just not quite incredible. It has made me desperate for a LEGO Pixar game though!


LEGO The Incredibles











  • Funny Story
  • Genius Pixar Moments
  • Brilliant Soundtrack

Not Cool

  • Repetitive Gameplay
  • Unrecognisable Cast

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