Let’s Discuss: Bandai Namco Rumors For Upcoming Event

By now we’ve all heard about the event Bandai Namco will be holding on December 15th.  We don’t know what will be announced or what we can expect other than Nintendo having a prominent presence, allegedly. Let’s discuss the rumored announcements (the supposed 5 games for Switch) and let’s predict how probable it all is.

Let’s start with the obvious one that I think is a given, as of now. My Hero Academia: One’s Justice. This game has already been announced for PS4 and Nintendo Switch with a screenshot provided from the game’s Japanese website. I think this will definitely be there with more information on it and some gameplay.

Rumor probability: 99.9%

One Piece: Project Dawn or One Piece: Dawn was mentioned earlier this year but no details were given and with the silence around the game, the One Piece game brought over to the Switch, and the massive success of the series Manga and Anime, I say its likely this will also be at the event. Also, with this event only a few days from the Jump Festa I think its likely we learn more of the game, perhaps even a trailer and consoles it’ll be available on. The only way I see it not being shown is the rumor surrounding it that it’ll be an unprecedented One Piece game.

Rumor probability: 85%

Dragon Ball FighterZ for Nintendo Switch. Like most 3rd party companies, due to the Wii U, they have been cautious to bring their games to the platform. One such game that many fans have been crying out to have for Nintendo’s hybrid console is the new 3V3 Dragon Ball fighting game. The game has been universally praised, the Nintendo Switch has been selling tremendously well, and the Switch version of Xenoverse 2, released on September 22, has already sold more than 400,00 copies. Bandai Namco told fans that if they wanted FighterZ for Switch, they would consider it if Xenoverse 2 sold well. Well, Xenoverse 2 has sold well. I think there is a good chance this is announced but I don’t know if they will given the Switch’s online structure and how far along the game currently is. I know the team behind FighterZ, Arc System Works, is known for releasing different versions of their games with added DLC and updates/balancing changes. It’s possible they may wait for that first re-release or a complete version once all DLC has been released.

Rumor probability: 75%

Soul Calibur 6. It’s been five years since we’ve had a proper entry in this wonderful franchise and I do think an announcement is imminent. A game of this magnitude, however, I would imagine they would save it for a larger venue. The current rumor surrounding the game is that it will hit the Switch, PS4, and PC with no plans for an Xbox One version. I, personally, hope this isn’t the case even though I will opt for the Switch version if it truly is announced. I would love for them to go back to the Soul Calibur 2 route where each version has an exclusive character. I do think the game is being made but I would expect it to be announced at either the Game Awards or E3. If its truly not coming to Xbox, then I could see it announced at the Playstation Event and if it is slated for Switch as well, then also at the next Nintendo direct.

Rumor probability: 90%

Dark Souls 1 Remastered for Xbox One, PS4, and Switch/Dark Souls Collection for Nintendo Switch. This rumor is the most intriguing for me as it’s one of my favorite franchises. What makes this even more interesting is the old rumor that From Software at one point had Dark Souls 3 running at a level they were satisfied with on the Nintendo Switch shortly after the console was announced and later released. Since then the rumor has been long gone and it’s interesting, with the rumor Nintendo will have a large presence, that it’s popped up again. I think this will be announced, both rumors. I think we will see the original Dark Souls announced for an Xbox One and PS4 remaster with all DLC, better resolution, and an even better framerate. I think it’s even more probable since they remastered the 2nd entry all ready and the 3rd was released to critical acclaim. As for a Nintendo release, I do believe each one will come to Switch, and a collection will be announced. If it’s true Dark Souls 3 was able to run at a level they were happy with, there is no reason the other two couldn’t come either. With that being said, if they announce a collection it’ll be in the vain of the Resident Evil Revelations collection in that there will be a cartridge for the smaller game, but the large ones will be download codes.

Rumor probability: 95%

Out of all the rumored announcements, the biggest and most interesting is the supposed Xenosaga Collection. Monolith Soft made the games, had a negative relationship with Bandai Namco (then called Namco), and joined Nintendo. Since then they’ve worked on a few odd games before crafting a series successor to Xenosaga, Xenoblade. Xenosaga has been long dormant and with the recently released Xenoblade 2, which has some Easter eggs and call backs to the Xenosaga series, it’s interesting this rumor has started. Bandai Namco and Nintendo have developed a great relationship over the years, with the former helping the latter with Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, and the mentioned Xenosaga Easter eggs adds some validity to the rumor. What doesn’t is that the 3 games were originally only on the PS2, with the DS versions of parts 1 & 2 being the only exception. If this is announced, I don’t expect it to be a Switch exclusive but I’m getting the inclination this might be wishful thinking.

Rumor probability: 40%

Well, there you have it. What do you think about these rumors? You think its possible? What are your probabilities? Check back after their December 15th event and we’ll see what was actually announced. Also, make no mistake, I hope all of this is announced because if it is, well, we all win and get more awesome games.

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