Lust for Darkness Review

Lust for Darkness review for PC

What happens when you watch too many films about cultism? Either you make this game or a Kubrick flick. Let’s take a deep dive into horror with Lust for Darkness for PC.

Okay, I know people: horror it’s not at its best these days, I know that. After… That thing made in order to torture souls, spooky games are not the interesting genre we used to love back in the day. But fear not fans of good scares, because today’s game is going to leave you with some good (and sadly some bad) impressions. This is Lust for Darkness review for PC.

Lust for Darkness review for PC

A ‘cult’ classic

The main premise of this game is simple: you start in a small cell, with small locker and a letter on a bedside table. You don’t know how or why are you there, but you have to get out. And after exploring for a while, you discover something: you are in the house of 50 Shades of Ye olde Gray. After that, I don’t want to enter into plot details, as this is a game that rests on a very interesting story. For the most part.

Lust for Darkness review for PC (3)

You see, even if the idea of cults and orgies and stuff that you would only see either on a Kubrick or a David Lynch fever dream, it’s not told in a very fluid way. While it’s true that we have some notes and readable lore stuff to take a look at, some of those things feel like random objects or things that do not make much sense. Oh, and a lot of sexual… Everything. Really: you name something BDSM related or weird as balls (no pun intended) and it will probably appear in this game.

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I might have struck my head because I have Amnesia

So, as this is a review without spoilers, I might as well talk about other things, such as the main gimmick of this game. Lust for Darkness is a First Person light-puzzle spooky scary mask simulator 2018. Okay for real this time: this game behaves a little bit like the original Amnesia. You know, opening doors, closets, and drawers by clicking and pulling your mouse forward or towards you. And don’t get me wrong, it’s something cute to do in order to feel more immersed, but there’s not much to do with this mechanics (and you can’t even see your legs, so there’s that).

Lust for Darkness review for PC

Most of the time (which is not too much because the game takes around 3 hours to finish) you’ll be opening things that will have either a golden dong, a double dong or, you guessed it: a dong with lady legs. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind sexual paraphernalia in a game that talks about cults and orgies, far from it. But after opening the drawer number 15 and discovering a dildo you’ll probably say out loud “Fine I get it, it’s about dicks and stuff!”. These mechanics don’t offer anything crazy or interesting, not even with the puzzles. And oh boy, the puzzles…

Bop it, Twist it, Wait for it

I know I’m way far from having some interesting creative puzzles like those found on the Silent Hill series or heck, something from the first Resident Evil game. But these puzzles are just… Okay. They are not bad, but they are pretty straight forward: pick a thing, or pick 3 things, put them here. Bonus points if after putting the thing on its place you have at least a pretty easy “rotate until it fits” minigame. You won’t get mad from the puzzles (maybe you’ll go a little angry in one or two at the end that is just plain dumb) but you won’t enjoy them too much either. But this makes me even angrier because I wanted to like this game so much! Yet I was unable to do it, and that’s due to two main reasons: the game’s length and its final moments.

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Lust for Darkness review for PC (12)

As I said, you’ll beat this game in 3 hours or so, and that’s something that I don’t usually care about (I love Super Metroid and you can beat that game in less than 2 hours, come on), but in this game, it’s an important issue. The first 2 hours are amazing! Great pacing, interesting things happening, some really tense moments,… And then you get to the final hour and everything just go bananas. Again, no spoilers, but man what a horrible boss battle. Seriously why it’s this a constant thing in horror games, not been able to offer a good pay-off? And the final sentence of the game before the credits? Yeah, it would have the perfect amount of cheesy voice acting if it was followed by this song:

Party’s over

So, did I enjoyed after all of this rant Lust for Darkness? Of course! But with a huge disclaimer on the cover, though. This game delivers some really good visuals and some creative environments, and I really enjoyed the plot as it was, well, really fun! But despite its good things, Lust for Darkness feels like something who could have been bigger, better and stronger. The final hour it’s really dull with cheap jump scares and stupid AI, and it felt like everything was a little bit rushed.

If you want to have a good quick time, feel free to grab a copy and support the devs who made this game, because it has potential, it does! But it lacks that thing that makes you go “yeah, this will get along fine with the other horror games”.




Fun Factor







  • Great atmosphere
  • It has some really creative environments
  • Interesting plot

Not Cool

  • Too short
  • The final hour of the game is really dumb
  • Really simple puzzles
  • Cheap jump scares from time to time

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