Marooners Review

Reviewed on Xbox one; Also available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

A fun party game you say? Can a party game really be fun? I mean, I’m a competitive person so it’s all about the win for me. But lets check it out!


Marooners is exactly what it says on the tin, a party game, and with 25 mini games total and a host of wacky characters to unlock what a party game it is. It has some unique features like ‘switcharoo chaos’ which we will go more into later, it has a levelling up system to unlock unusual ‘weapons’ but most importantly, it is fun.

With only two main Game Modes, Arena and Party, you would think Marooners is lacking in content, and in theory, you’d be correct. But it just doesn’t feel like it. There are in fact two, sort of, sub-modes which are Linear and Chaos and in choosing one of these makes the game mode feel entirely different.

Arena consists of a ‘King of the ring’ like playstyle, fight to survive and be the last man standing in each mini game. The player who survives the longest overall wins. Party mode involves a similar goal but whilst fighting other players you are to collect gold and gems. The player with the most gold at the end of the mini games, takes the trophy!

In the midst of these mini games you can collect little power ups that will give you a slight boost for a limited amount of time. Whether that be having the ability to move slightly faster for a few seconds or having a bomb to throw at your own disposal, it certainly makes a massive difference as to whether you lose or win.

Now, using the sub-modes is where it gets interesting. Choosing Chaos makes it so that in the midst of each mini game you are currently playing the game will randomly switch to a new one and then will randomly switch on that mini game to a new one until you get back to the original one you were playing on, you get the idea. Here’s the annoying thing, by the time you get back to your mini game you have completely forgot what was happening, or at least, I did. But it certainly makes for an interesting, fun and somewhat annoying game.



Now, obviously this is a party game which means it is going to be better enjoyed with a group of people. Whether that be online with people you don’t know or with people sat around your TV screen arguing over who won what (Yep, I’m totally that person). It’s all possible. But don’t fear, you also have the option of using bots so that you can secretly practice alone while you’re family or friends are out.

Sadly, I couldn’t test the online side of Marooners as much as I would have liked to due to the fact that there isn’t a great deal of people playing this game, yet. (It only released today) But I did manage to get into a couple of games and in these games I had a lot of fun. There was no connectivity issues which was great and everything worked as it should. I did lose, but hey ho.

The game does actually tell you how many people are online according to the region you select. The most I’ve ever seen is 4 so you can see why I had a bit of trouble getting the online started. But no worry, I had a whole lot more entertainment with sitting in the same room as 3 other people where we could actually laugh and shout together. So my guess is, you will too.


Graphics and Sound

Of course we all like stunning 4K graphics that look like we’re staring through a window and obviously you aren’t going to get this from Marooners. Now, saying that, I love the art style used here. The cartoon look and the sheer adorableness of the characters had me hooked from the start.


The music is as you can expect, what I could only call as battle music. It really sets you up for an arena mash up! You can’t expect too much from it but then again, is anyone even listening to the music whilst in a fight to the death? No, me neither.



I found Marooners to be an extremely entertaining game both playing against bots and friends alike. It’s not going to be a game to put hundreds of hours into, obviously, but it’s definitely one to bring out when the family is over or you’re trying to pass some time. It’s an absolute steal at £7.99 which is totally worth it if you enjoy fun little games that you don’t really need to put much thought into.





Game Modes


Graphics & Sound





  • Fun for the whole family
  • Different ways to play
  • Fun online multiplayer when works

Not Cool

  • Online multiplayer difficult to find games

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