MCC Gets Xbox X Update

343 Industries have announced today that Halo The Master Chief Collection will be getting an update ready for Xbox One X. The announcement today confirmed that MCC will receive enhancements for Xbox One X as well as some under the bonnet tinkering to improve certain aspects of the game and modernising to make the most of the X full potential. 

It has been said that this will not be an overnight thing and will take some time 343 have stated that the general roll out of patches will begin next spring and they will look to the community for feedback to help them with the improvements. To be honest, I was kind of expecting this, as Halo is Microsoft’s baby and integral to the Xbox brand, I myself am quite excited to see what they can achieve with this as it was the style and gameplay of the first Halo games that brought my attention to Xbox in the first place, so I shall be keeping an eye on this one and seeing how it all shapes up. 

In addition to the Xbox One X enhancement update, Rob Semsey – Staff Chief at 343 industries- (@RobSemsey) stated the following on twitter;
“To be clear, the update will improve MCC across the entire Xbox One family of consoles.” and We’ll share more [on that] soon.”

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