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Sir Daniel is finally back from the grave on this Medievil announcement trailer

Grab your arm and get your shield, because the Hero of Gallowmere is here once again!

It was hinted last E3, and we waited. Lord Zarok knows we waited. But at last, here it is: Captain Fortesque is back again in our hearts and in our consoles! And Gallowmere is looking prettier than ever which, you know, is quite hard considering how creepy that land is. But enough talk, here’s the Medievil Announcement trailer!

That video shows exactly what people wanted: the same game with the same style but updated with modern visuals. And I can’t say with no doubt whatsoever that they did it. The graveyard looks the same, the hills are the same,… I just can’t wait to fight the Stained Glass Demon in 4K!
But wait we will have to, as the game is set to be released on 2019. But hey, some good titles are still coming this year, and if you want some spooky games you should check this Castlevania Requiem review.

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