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Mindball Play is a psychedelic racing game with impressive tracks. What separates Mindball from regular racing games is your ride. You’ll race with a ball…

A physics game where you’ll have to adapt your rotation to achieve the maximum speed. There are many different game modes, with an extensive campaign and multiplayer matchmaking.

Size: 5 Gb
Genre: Racing
Developed by Interactive Productline Team
Published by Interactive Productline IP AB
Reviewed on PC.
Download on Steam.


Mindball is a racing game with physics-based mechanics focused on the rotation and propulsion of your ball. Now, that doesn’t sound very interesting, but they make it pop with their psychedelic and complex racing tracks.

You’ll have to face many opponents and hazards, but the real challenge is keeping your ball on the track; most hazards are meant to make you lose your way. There is a high chance for you to fall, but being too careful will make you slow, it’s hard to find the right balance.

You’ll have to master the use of vertical and horizontal rotation, different perks and even jumps. In the end, the most important part is getting to know the track, maybe finding a secret shortcut.

Graphics and Sound

Mindball has awesome 3D graphics. The race tracks are very impressive and detailed. They combine the motion of the hazards with a combination of lighting and different textures to a give psychedelic feeling to each map. Now, your character is still a ball, so no much to do there. You’ll be able to unlock different skins for them to give it some spice.

There are many different levels, all with mind-bending sights. The theme is futuristic, a lot of metal machines with robotic motions. With such elaborate environment, it’s hard to keep focused on the race. Don’t let the pretty lights distract you from the race.

The music and sound effects of the game help immerse you in the psychedelic feel of the environment.


A racing game with intense psychedelic tracks, physics-based mechanics, and balls… You will be tempted to dowse of, admiring the convoluted details of this futuristic environment. But if you’re here to win, keep your eyes on the prize and be the first to ride your ball all the way to the finish line in Mindballs.

Mindball Play

Mindball Play


7.8 /10


9.0 /10


8.3 /10


8.5 /10


  • Awesome race tracks
  • Different modes

Not Cool

  • Too many balls
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