Mixer Create app

Mixer is well known for it’s streaming service. Not too long ago it was called Beam and it was made to compete with other video game streaming services like Twitch and even Youtube. But a new mixer app called Mixer Create launched today on all Android and IOS devices.


Mixer Create is mobile only because they want you to go out and stream your daily life, with your phone. You are able to stream your face without a webcam, just any camera on any smartphone will work for this app.


You’re also able to record your phone’s screen while playing video games on it. For now only some games give you the ability to do this on IOS, but on Android any game will work.


Co-streaming will also work with the app. If you’re invited to a Co-stream from someone playing on Windows 10 or Xbox, you can join with your phone from anywhere. For now your only able to join Co-streams but you will also be able to host Co-streams in the near future.


Mixer create sounds like a great concept, but will it be used often? We’de love to hear what you guys think about this and will you be downloading the new Mixer Create App?

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