Monster Hunter World’s Adopt-A-Hunter initiative

Tutorial for What?


I remember fighting my first Monster. The Great Jaggi. I personally referred to it as the Great Wall. No matter what I tried to do, I was unable to defeat this beast. Mind you, this was literally the first mission in the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Wii. The “tutorial” mission if you will. This is apparently the make or break it moment for players that decide whether or not they will go on to become Master Hunters or just state at this game wall, and walk away. The Randowis comic I have featured is probably the best representation of what happened to me. 10 or so hours in, some new gear on me, and I managed to kill the Great Jaggi!

The fact the comic strip has recently become so popular among the community and as a testament to my hunter’s origin story. Lord knows how many people have refused to continue playing this game when I tried to get them into it. Patience just isn’t as common a virtue as you may think.

Up and over the Wall

Art By Gabbybites


Then one day it finally happened. I FINALLY managed it. Someone came online saying it was the last straw for them, they were in their final missions before giving up. When I gave them step by step guidance. This idea has always been minor movement within the community.  Good veteran players would take a rookie under his wing for a few missions. teach him a few tips and tricks, and the rookie would be smarter for it and the veteran would have gotten the loot they came for.

Then, and Now.

Now, enter Monster Hunter World. This installment has received much more than any of its predecessors. Monster Hunter World is being noticed by gamers, and obviously veteran Hunters. With such a wide potential audience in this generation, it is very important that there is a way to help the newer plays bypass this wall. Players have banded together to create the Adopt-A-Hunter program to help with this very problem.

Monster-Hunter-Adopt-A-Hunter-SAG.pngThis Adopt-A-Hunter Program was created by veterans to the Monster Hunter franchise. This will let both Rookie and Veteran hunters sign up to be paired with each other. This basically means a rookie will have a consistent veteran who they ask questions, play with, test out techniques with, etc. Right now, and probably during the entire existence of this article, there are more veterans than rookies. This isn’t a bad thing, but I really feel people can take advantage of this. Tell your friend and family. Anyone at all who is even a little bit hesitant about the game should be informed! This movement is by player-for players and only you can determine just how powerful it is. Below you can find a link to the main page. Please sign up as a rookie or veteran player and pay it forward. Off to hunt and become the beast(With help)!

Useful Links Below

Adopt – A – Hunter Program Home Page

Kiranico – Monster Hunter General Knowledge Center

Monster Hunter Wiki

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