Mortal Kombat 11 Gameplay and Story Details

Mortal Kombat 11 reveal was spectacular. It dropped a ton of information on us, both things that we had questions for and things we couldn’t even imagine. It’s bigger, bloodier, and more action-packed than even Mortal Kombat X. Here is a breakdown of everything that was shown and talked about at the reveal.

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First off, before we get into the breakdown I have to say that Mortal Kombat 11 is gorgeous, emphasis on gore. Its plethora of viscera is matched by how good the characters look and animate both in cutscenes and in game. Going between pre-rendered and in-game you can hardly tell the difference. The movement of each character is smooth and each blow looks painfully impactful. With the addition of being able to customize the appearance of your character, you have the ability to make each character look sick. I don’t know what magic NetherRealm used to create this game but it worked wonders.


A story prologue was shown giving us a glimpse into what will be happening in MK 11. The story takes place right after the events of Mortal Kombat X. Raiden, who is now dark Raiden, is torturing Shinnok. This is a far darker and gritty Raiden who takes no prisoners. Quite literally in fact as he beheads Shinnok and plans on using him as a warning to anyone planning to attack Earthrealm. Then Kronika, the new big bad, enters and shows off her time manipulating abilities. It’s quite the teaser and leaves you wanting more.

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The gameplay reveal was in depth and had the largest chunk of the timeslot, for obvious reasons. Ed Boon himself walked us through what had changed and what was all new.
X-Rays are gone. In their place, they have added a move called fatal blow. These fatal blows can be used only when your character’s health drops to 30% or below. These fatal blows do massive damage and can turn the battle in your favor. If you miss, instead of the fatal blow being wasted, it will have a cooldown until you can attempt it again. Each fatal blow is gruesome, bloody, and almost if not more so gut-wrenching than the fatalities. How these characters get back up after that is beyond me.

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Another new addition that was made is the split between offensive and defensive meters. Instead of having a single meter to get out of combos or do EX-moves you now have a vertical bar and a horizontal bar. The vertical bar is for your defense, so you can tech out of combos while the horizontal bar is for enhanced moves. These meters regenerate over time instead of from doing attacks and taking hits. Changing up the meta and altering the way you approach the game.
As in the Game awards trailer, there is a huge emphasis on weapons in MK 11. Scorpion is wielding a katana and his trusty kunai in full effect. This changes him up quite a bit and gives him far more range than he had before. Many of the characters that were revealed have some sort of weapon that they can use. In addition, stages are littered with weapons to beat and batter your opponent with. Heres hoping we see our girl Blanche again.
The biggest and most interesting changeup was the ability to customize characters to your liking. The style system from MKX has been brought back and revamped so you can now pick a style and pick moves that suit your play style. How in-depth and customizable each style is, still remains to be seen, however, this may lead to some pretty cool loadouts.

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Some fan favorites are returning with all new moves and looks. Scorpion, Raiden, Sub Zero, Barakka, Scarlet, and Sonya Blade were shown off at the event. Sonya is being voiced by Ronda Rousey, Former WWE and MMA star which was a surprise. Hopefully, she does the character well.

The last major reveal was a new character named Geras. A time and sand manipulator that seems like a beefier version of Jax. From what was shown in cutscenes and gameplay he is an enforcer under Kronika. His moves hit hard and he is surprisingly tricky. He can create sand clones to teleport as well as trap and pull you with vortex to set you up and extend combos. A great addition to the cast and a character that I am very interested in.

Those were the main things that were hit on during the reveal. We will have to wait for Kombat Kast on the 30th in order to get more info and possibly see what other characters are returning or get added as new. What was your favorite thing from the reveal? Comment down below and keep it here at The Loot Gaming for all your fighting games news!
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