My thoughts on the new Fortnite Update – Patch V4.5

Summer has come with a vengeance bringing with it a patch for Fortnite fans everywhere: V4.5. This patch came out today so get updating and listen up as I let you in on some of the major changes and my personal experiences from going for that coveted ‘W’.


Playground LTM – Perhaps the most exciting out of all the patch notes was the Playground LTM. This mode promises to give players free reign over their own private island so creative juices can flow freely without risk of a snipe from behind. This mode lasts for 1 hour only with the storm closing in at 55 minutes into the session. It gives players a perfect opportunity to practice building skills, use all ranges of equipment/weapons and learn the neat-o loot locations all over the map. Plus, 100 llamas will be spawned on the map to give you all the materials your heart desires!

Taking it one step further, this mode allows players to take 3 friends into the map with them for a bit of combat training. Friendly fire is turned on to allow some PvP action! I was really buzzing to finally give this mode a shot as I am not quite a Master Builder, however, we have been a little disappointed. Playground LTM has had some teething issues and players were stuck in long queues as matchmaking issues made the experience impossible. Epic games have been very helpful in ensuring their Fortnite twitter has given regular updates. Unfortunately, due to this setback, I am yet to give the mode a go but it seems like a very effective way of making all players feel that bit more confident when thrown into Battle Royale.

Dual Wield Pistols – An influx of new weapons have made Fortnite more interesting with a range of guns, grenades, and launchers to suit any play style. The newest weapon to join the ranks is Duel Wield Pistols. They are available in Epic and Legendary variants and honestly make you feel like a bad-ass Lara Croft when you get your mitts on them for the first time. Accuracy is key with these little blighters. Much like the burst assault rifle if you miss your target the fire rate is slow enough to get you killed. You are limited to 18 rounds of ammo allowing you to fire 9 rounds per pistol. I found the damage output to be around 41 per gun for a body shot, up close, using the Epic variant. Legendary variants are of course rarer so I haven’t yet been able to test the full extent of their damage. The reload time seemed slow compared to other weapons which means your preferred method might be to merely switch between your item slots instead of going through the reload process.

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The Dual Wield Pistols will certainly not replace your average assault rifle or even rival the effectiveness of a revolver at close range but they are fun to use. Unfortunately, they do use medium ammo which you would normally save for your assault rifles. That was my biggest weakness with this weapon. I would have preferred if it had used light ammo instead as it causes tough choices considering you only have 5 slots and so much to choose from already!

Reduced damage from all weapons to buildings – This is a pretty decent change that may seem quite minor at first. Epic Games have balanced out the damage given by any weapon to a build based on their colour rarity. Specifically, Pump shotguns have been reduced by 50% whilst the Tactical and Heavy shotguns have been reduced by 25%. This is very helpful especially when you’re being stormed in your build and have shotgun blasts going off all around you. Your build now stands a bit more of a chance of protecting and enabling you to compose yourself before taking on the enemy. This is applicable for long range and short range weapons. Yet, explosive damage to a build has had its range widened which I did notice instantly as I was cowering behind a ramp trying to bandage! Be wary of that splash zone!

Map Markers – My favourite update is the addition of map markers. I am constantly jumping out of the Battle Bus facing the wrong direction and having to spin around constantly to find where I want to land. However, the introduction of clever and brightly coloured visual towers of light have made it so much easier for the individual player and anyone in your squad to see where the intended landing space is. It is also helpful when you’re on the ground and need to mark your next rendezvous spot if you have been split up from your group!

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Fireworks Launcher – The grenade launcher has had a little bit of a make-over. To celebrate Summer, the weapon has been transformed to shoot fireworks giving a delightful display of colour. It is merely a cosmetic change and does not affect how the grenade launcher works in any way but it gives a nice bit of variation much like the Egg Launcher at Easter!

Editing your build – Once in edit mode the squares that you need to alter in order to create a door or stairs has been changed. Once upon a time, they were transparent but now they appear as a grey opaque colour. Although optimising your chances of editing correctly and not getting confused in the heat of battle, I have found that it can be somewhat annoying as you can no longer see if someone is coming right for you. This change seems to heighten one sense but then diminishes another.

Shopping Carts – Jumps with your shopping carts will now appear on your feed and will display height, distance and time in the air. I’ve always felt that seeing these kinds of stats on your screen is a little ego boost especially when it is a Sniper Rifle or unsuspecting weapon. With the shopping cart, this adds the same sensation although from what I have tested today these stats only show up on your screen. They do not seem to show up publically to all other players in the royale or to your teammates. However, I did only get 7m so they might not broadcast anything that embarrassing! It will be interesting to see if more impressive jumps make the cut to be shown on everyone’s feed.

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These updates are the ones I was able to experience in my Fortnite experience but the patch does not stop here! There have been so many solid improvements to every aspect from Gameplay to Audio. A number of bugs have been addressed and the strive to improve our Battle Royale experience seems never ending! Let us know what you would like to see added to Fortnite in the future! Maybe an extra item slot to balance out all the weapons, equipment and aid in the game? Who knows? Regardless, I’ll see you out there.

If you want to see the full list of updates then please follow this link for more information.

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