My Top 10 games of all time

Gaming is a wonderful medium, isn’t it? As gamers, we get to experience so many stories, worlds and characters in the palm of our hands. We can climb mountains, explore the depths of the ocean and fly spaceships all from the comfort of our couches without breaking a sweat.

Every gamer has a handful of games which they would consider the best of all time. Tastes differ, of course, meaning someone may love a game which you would happily throw a copy in the nearest river. That’s the beauty of subjectivity, no one is wrong! So what better way to introduce myself to the readers of The Loot Gaming by writing about my top 10 games of all time! Now, this is my own personal opinion. What I love will no doubt be completely different from your greatest of all time (goat) list. The games on this list are not just brilliant, but most have sentimental value to me. So, without further ado, here are my Top 10 Games of all Time.


10. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

I was late to the Uncharted franchise. In the early days of the 7th generation of consoles, I had opted for the Xbox 360 over the PS3 so I could play online with my friends. However, by 2011 I was desperately wanting a PS3 to play God of War 3. Finally, I got one and my friend recommended Uncharted to me. Although hesitant, I became obsessed with the adventures of Nathan Drake, and couldn’t have been more excited when Uncharted 4 was announced for the PS4.

After getting a PS4, I was counting down the days to go on my last adventure with Nate and his gang of wholesome treasure hunters. Uncharted 4 hit all the right notes for me. All the characters were brilliantly written, the graphics were jaw-droppingly beautiful and the game was a breeze to play. Plus that ending (which I won’t spoil, don’t worry) tied everything up perfectly for me.
What makes this one of my top 10 games is that it wound up an amazing series for me, better than I could ever have hoped. The sense of adventure I got from the games will always be remembered, but seeing the characters now moving on for their lives gave me a great sense of closure. One which I will remember for a long time.


9. Devil May Cry 4

During the summer of 2008, I took the plunge into HD gaming and got myself an Xbox 360, and what a day it was. Wandering around the town with my friends in the pouring rain (it’s Scotland after all) I was taken to a local games shop and procured myself a shiny new Xbox 360, a month of Xbox Live gold and three games. Call of Duty 4 and Bioshock (a lovely steel book edition) were games I was happy to have, but it was the last game I was given which excited me the most, a collector’s edition of Devil May Cry 4.

I went straight my grandparent’s that night and set my 360 up to the spare room. Armed with a hot cup of tea and toast courtesy of my Grandad, I went off to batter some demons. DMC4 was my first time playing a full HD game, and I was completely blown away by what I played. I spent the rest of the summer nights pulling off slick combos, throwing demons around the levels like a rag doll and just sitting in awe of just how much fun this game was.
DMC4 was so fluid. Everything just clicked for me and I’ll always remember that summer loving life with Nero and Dante, kicking lumps out of the spawns of hell. Simpler times.


8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I love RPGs. I love making a character, and setting off in a new fantasy land and seeing what kind of trouble I can get video game Dave into. Skyrim is a special game for me. Not only is it a fantastic game in its own right, but it was also the very first video game my now fiancée bought me.

Between December 2011 and March 2012, nothing else entered my Xbox’s disk drive. I would come home from college and play Skyrim. Work after a long shift? Skyrim. Watched a TV show? Time for Skyrim. Over the past 8 years, I’ve ploughed around 300+ hours of Skyrim, and I regret absolutely nothing. I could be playing this well into the 2020s and still find new things for me to do, which is rare for a video game.
I’m hoping Elder Scrolls 6 stands up to the legacy which Skyrim has created. There’s a reason why Skyrim has stood the test of time and different remasters and ports. It’s damn well brilliant.

7. Wario Land 3

Back in 2000, my parents bought me a brand new game for my Game Boy Colour for my birthday. I tore the wrapping off and found a small man in dungarees staring at me. This wasn’t Super Mario, but garlic munching, treasure loving rival Wario. The guy who sold it to my Dad told him that Wario’s games were better than Mario’s. I was shocked.
The man from the shop turned out to be right. That whole summer I spent searching high and low for treasure chests to help save the residents of the music box that Wario ended up getting sucked into after his plane crashed.
Wario Land 3 introduced me to an antihero as a protagonist. Wario only agreed to help on the grounds that his pockets were getting lined with treasure. You see the lengths Wario will go to get rich quick. He’ll get set on fire, turned into a zombie, bashed with a hammer, frozen solid and getting fatter than he already is.
Wario’s story was also a gem for a Gameboy colour game. I don’t want to spoil it (even if it is 18 years old) but the twist at the end nearly made me drop my Gameboy. The ending theme is one of my favourite video game soundtracks ever composed. I was gutted when I saw the credits roll, and will always remember that summer in the music box.


6. Pokemon Gold

Like most kids my age, Pokemon completely took over my life. My parents got me a Gameboy Colour for Christmas in 1999 with both Red and Blue version and gaming life. I set off on an adventure with my trusty Charmander and never looked back.
One of my friends went to America on holiday in 2000 and came back with a copy of Pokemon Gold. Naturally, he was the talk of the estate. We would all huddle around his Gameboy looking at the new and strange Pokemon he was catching. It was the best thing ever. I read every preview in every magazine and found out that the game was coming to the UK in April. This became my first ever pre-order.

When the day came, I ran home from school as fast as I could. I crashed through the door and found a small white bag from Electronic Boutique sitting on the shelf. Weary, I asked my mum what it was, which she told me was a new bib for my baby sister. I stared at her, wondering why there were bibs in a game shop bag. She said for me to have a look, so I opened the bag and near enough screamed the house down. That night, I was staying at my Granda’s house, and I didn’t move from the couch for 5 hours. He even phoned my dad to see if bringing a McDonalds would shift me.
What I experienced with Pokemon Gold was the perfect sequel. It was bigger, with two regions to explore, 150 new Pokemon to catch, better graphics and a brilliant story. I was hooked until my Gameboy was stolen in Benidorm with Pokemon Gold in it. I was heartbroken. However, those memories will stay with me forever.


5. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Metal Gear Solid is one of my favourite franchises, that much is certain. I love that it was one of the first true video game blockbusters, with thrilling stories, over the top action and great voice acting. MGS3 featured all of this and then some.

MGS 3 took the gameplay from MGS1 and 2, improving it tenfold. The use of camouflage made sneaking past enemies was a breeze. The added survival mechanics meant you had to look after Snake if he was injured or have him eat a snake if he was hungry. You really felt like you were part of the wilderness.

What sets MGS3 above the rest is its story. What you get is something that Ian Fleming would have been proud of. We got everything from action, brilliant characters, political intrigue, and even romance. The highlight? The amazing ending. Again, no spoilers, but there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who cried at the end of MGS3, and filthy liars.


4. God of War (2018)

Rebooting a beloved franchise can go one of two ways; It could breathe new life into a stagnant franchise, or ruin the legacy of it. I was both stupidly excited and extremely nervous for God of War when it was announced. I was so happy to see Kratos returning but was worried that too much was being changed. Oh, how wrong I was.

God of War was my game of 2018. It was everything I wanted and more. It humanised Kratos, changing his character from a rage-driven god, to someone who was ashamed by his past actions. During the 2016 announcement trailer, I wasn’t even sure it was him until he unleashed his Spartan rage on a troll. The combat was brutal, with every hit feeling meaty and powerful. Kratos’s son was a perfect companion, and Mimir is the best Scottish video game character ever created.
I hadn’t played a game with scale like this since God of War 2. The world of Norse mythology was beautifully realised and a joy to explore. I honestly can’t for the sequel because I know I’ll be getting even more than I bargained for.


3. The Witcher 3

Every generation has a game which is the pinnacle of its life cycle. A universally loved game, well received by both journalists and gamers alike. For this current generation, it’s The Witcher 3. Witcher 3 is the culmination of the title Witcher, Geralt of Rivia’s adventures. A spiraling open world filled with brilliantly written characters, political intrigue and dangerous monsters. Combat is more refined than previous Witcher games, more action focused. The side questions a better, and longer than same main game campaigns, and let’s not forget about the amazing DLC.
The Witcher is a game that done DLC right. At launch, the developers CD Projekt Red gave out 16 pieces of free DLC as an apology for the game being delayed by a few months. Then we got the first expansion, Hearts of Stone. A ten-hour campaign and extra quests to carry out, and one of the best villains in the series, Gaunter O’Dimm.

A few months down the line, we got the final piece of DLC; Blood and Wine. Now, this is how you do DLC in games. A massive 30-hour expansion with a beautiful new area to explore, Toussant. The world is colourful, vibrant and just begging to be explored. There is no better game than the Witcher 3 this console generation in my opinion. A stunning game, made by one of the best developers in the industry.


2. Metal Gear Solid

As I said before, Metal Gear Solid is one of my favourite franchise around. The original entry, MGS1 kicked started that love for me. When I was 7 years old, my Granda bought me the game for my birthday. I obsessed over it, reading everything about it, trying to find every weapon and trying not to get caught. Which is a lot harder when you are 7 years old. When I brought it over to my grand parent’s, my Granda would always ask if “I was winning”. We decided that if I didn’t get caught it was a win. He’s sadly no longer with us, but I’ll always have him to thank for getting me into such a beloved series of games.

At the time, MGS was like no other game I’d played on the PS1. I cut my teeth on Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon so the dark a dreary setting of Shadow Moses was something I had to get used to. To this day, it still feels like I’m playing a blockbuster film. There were so many twist and turns, I was dying to find out what happened next. The gameplay, simple yet made me feel like I was a master spy as I snuck past a guard who was having a quick yawn. A masterclass mix of high octane action and fun gameplay.


1. God of War 2

Here we are. The final game of the list. Was this what you expected? Probably not, but God of War 2 is my best game of all time. Back in 2007, I had just finished my standard grades. I had two weeks off school and I as a treat, my Dad went down to blockbuster (yes, I’m old) and rented the game for me. As an even bigger treat, I brought the PS2 down from my room to the big living room TV and sat for 5 hours solid until my mum brought my sisters home from school.
God of War 2 was the perfect sequel to me, and the game that made me really appreciate games as an art form. Everything was improved. The combat, the visuals, the story, the length of the game had become bigger and better. I only had two days until the game had to go back, and I made sure I finished it, and my god I was not disappointed.

Without spoiling it, God of War 2 has the single best ending of a video game, hands down. The music, the final line, a glimpse of what’s to come made this feel as I had just finished an epic movie. I got shivers and still do this day when I watch the ending on YouTube. I will never get bored of God of War 2, and I encourage every single person to play it at least once, just to see the ending alone. You will not be disappointed, I can assure you.

So that’s it, my top 10 games of all time. I’ve played so many games in my 28 years, it’s hard to make a list like this. All these games are brilliant to play but they also hold a sentimental value to me that other games I’ve played haven’t offered. That to me makes a game great, both great gameplay and a last effect on you.
Feel free to comment down your top 10 games of all time!

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