NBA 2K18 VC Backlash

With the launch of the highest rated annual sports title NBA 2K18 on September 19th, a majority of the hype fell on 2K’s rebranded game mode MyPark, now titled as The Playground.

In the playground players are able to create their own basket ball player, and accessorize them however they desire.

From shoes, clothes, hair styles, and even tattoos. Every purchase is made with the in game currency known as VC. Throughout the week NBA 2k18 has been receiving an uproar of complaints and comments around the overpricing of customization options for their characters, leaving the players feeling forced to spend their real money on VC.

NBA 2K18 devs listened to to the fan base and drastically slashed the prices on customization options. For example items that would have normally cost 1500 VC were reduced down to only 100 VC, allowing everyone to style themselves with ease.

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