New Gears of War update makes old favourites craftable

As promised the surprise announcement came today, Series 3 packs have dropped and are now live in Gears Of War 4, giving you a better chance of getting those missing characters for your collection.

Whether it’s characters or skin packs you’re after, they’ve got you covered here that’s for sure with a total of 57 craftable cards available right now.

Here’s the full list of what’s available:


  • Old Man Marcus
  • Tomorrow Anya
  • Zombie Dom
  • Vintage Oscar
  • Vintage Del
  • Vintage Reyna
  • Zombie JD
  • UIR Male
  • UIR Female
  • Elite UIR Male
  • Elite UIR Female
  • Gary Carmine

Weapon Skins

  • Foam Lancer
  • Outsider Lancer
  • Warbird Gnasher
  • Marcus Tattoo Gnasher
  • Black Walnut Gnasher
  • Hot Rod Gnasher
  • Vintage Retro Lancer
  • Vintage Boomshot
  • Vintage Boltok
  • Vintage Longshot
  • Vintage Lancer
  • Vintage Snub
  • Gold Wave Lancer
  • Gold Wave Gnasher
  • Dark Omen Gnasher
  • Zombie Lancer – Totinos promotion
  • Zombie Gnasher – Totinos promotion
  • UIR Weapon Skin set (all 14 weapons)
  • Elite UIR Weapon Skin set (all 14 weapons)

I’m most definitely after the foam lancer having missed out on the foam skins at launch. Overtime this series will grow with more cards added to the line up from previous seasons and promotional items you may have missed out on so it’s most definitely worth keeping an eye out to see what’s coming up.

We will update you right here with any upcoming surprise news when we get it so be sure to keep coming back to keep up to date with all that’s going on in Gears Of War!

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