News bits – August 25, 2017

Xbox One X Scorpio edition sold out, Original Xbox One ceases production, Recore Definitive Edition upgrades detailed.

Scorpio Sold Out

On Sunday, August 20, Microsoft announced the Xbox One X Scorpio edition at Gamescom in Germany. It seems like just a little less than a week later, and Microsoft has sold out of said special edition launch units.

A statement from Microsoft’s Xbox website says that “Within just a few days, we saw record-setting sell-out times and are currently sold out in many countries around the world.”

While fans may no longer be able to get their hands on a Scorpio edition, Microsoft assures us that information on pre-ordering the regular edition of their ultra-powered console should be coming next month.

Source: Microsoft

Sun sets on Original Xbox One X

It appears as though production of the original Xbox One console has ceased, as it is no longer listed as available on various Microsoft stores in different regions across the globe. This shift marks the next wave of the current generation, which saw the Xbox One launched among a lot of controversy, including a high price point and a bundled Kinect sensor that has been all but forgotten with new iterations of the console.

While Microsoft’s troubles have been noted, there is reason for optimism with the upcoming Xbox One X console, and their continued commitment to new bundles featuring the sleek S model.


ReCore updates detailed

Following Sunday’s update on ReCore: Definitive Edition, the developers have posted a deep dive into some of the specifics that we’ll be seeing when the Definitive Edition hits. Aside from the touted graphical enhancements that have already been highlighted, the standouts within the updates include a new single player chapter, titled “Eye of Obsidian,” new areas and dungeons to explore, a new companion, dynamic sandstorms in certain areas of the game, new weapon modes, many enhancements to the game experience and perhaps most importantly major reductions to area load times, which was a huge bone of contention among reviewers.

The update will be free to previous owners. The game will retail for $19.99 USD, and also be available on Xbox’s Game Pass service.

Source: ReCore Game

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