Ninjin: Clash of Carrots Review


When Shogun Moe steals all of the carrots from the villagers, it’s up to Ninja Warrior Rabbit Ninjin and Ninja Fox Akai to follow the thieves and reclaim the stolen treasure. Follow the villains through four worlds inspired by feudal Japan and show Shogun Moe he messed with the wrong rabbit!


Ninjin: Clash of Carrots is a sidescrolling on-rails beat ‘em up, similar to old coin-operated arcade games. The goal is to keep progressing forward through levels, in fact, basic attacks will only go toward the right of your screen, however, there are additional moves that allow you to strike backward.

Ninjin provides good mindless fun, that is at times repetitive; the game uses vintage arcade gameplay mechanics and becomes progressively more difficult as you progress through levels. I felt a sense of nostalgia while playing Ninjin, the game is very similar to the old coin-operated arcade games, like Ninja Turtles or X-men. Each level has eight phases, with one of these phases typically introducing a new enemy type that requires a different strategy to defeat. Enemies have different attack types – some launch projectiles, some become enraged after taking a hit, and you’ll need to be quick to respond to some of the more unpredictable types.

As mentioned, basic attacks only attack to your left – which is addressed in a tongue-in-cheek comment from one of the NPC in game. To attack opponents behind you, you must either use throwables or dash attacks. These attacks use stamina. The right thumbstick controls the direction of your throwing star, point and release will throw one (though some will throw a variety).

Collecting carrots offers opportunities to upgrade your character and weapons. The game sports over 150 weapons and items to unlock. It’s a nice feature that adds some depth to the game, and several of these weapons and items will make earning a higher performance rating on level completion easier.

Graphics and Sound

Ninjin: Clash of Carrots uses a colorful art style that is one part Mario 3, one part Ninja Turtles Arcade and one part Cartoon Network. Characters are vivid and colorful, and the worlds are pleasant to look at. The game runs smoothly – even when you are being bombarded by a number of enemies.

But what is a classic arcade game without an arcade style soundtrack and effects? Thankfully, Ninjin delivers in both areas – rounding out the experience.


The gameplay can sometimes devolve into a frantic button mashing, but there’s enough in Ninjin to keep players entertained. Ninjin: Clash of Carrots is a perfect example of a game inspired by the past, but using today’s technology to bring some fun to this generation’s consoles, I’d definitely recommend it.

Ninjin: Clash of Carrots


  • A good game for short play sessions
  • Lots of weapons and items to unlock
  • Good humour in the game
  • Reminiscent of classic coop arcade games
  • Features a couch coop mode

Not Cool

  • Can feel repetitive at times
  • Unlocking weapons can be a bit of a grind

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