Nintendo Labo: DIY Entertainment

Nintendo Labo is the brand new innovation to come to Nintendo Switch. After teasing a new way to play, the big N reminded us all that the Japanese company was once a toy manufacturer before becoming a video game giant.


First things first, this is mental. You begin with cardboard kits, which you build into several different objects. These objects are combined with software and your actual Nintendo Switch console and Joy Con controllers to create interactive experiences. There are two different kits. The Variety Kit for $69.99 and the Robot Kit at $79.99.

Included in the variety kit are the materials and software to build: Two RC Cars, a fishing rod, a house, a motorbike and a piano. These all include their own games that can be played after their set up. The Robot Kit includes the materials to build a literal freaking robot suit that can measure your steps and hand movements in game. It looks insane in the best way possible, like your 8 year old self’s dream Transformers video game.


All of the kits look like they’ll be fantastic for children when the launch on April 20th this year. The piano will no doubt be especially unique for teaching music and to show off the technology. It uses the Joy cons sensor to measure what key is being pressed by the user and attach that to a sound. Considering it’s cardboard the technology appears to be very impressive. This is essentially a power play from Nintendo towards the younger gaming demographic and it’ll be interesting to see how this new way to play affects the gaming market and whether or not it will function the way it’s being advertised. If it does, it seems like Nintendo is on to yet another winner.

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