Nintendo Switch has Big Update with a Hidden  Extra

News flying all over social media today is that the Nintendo Switch has had a major system update, to be precise it’s called version 4.0.0. With this system update the Switch now has a few more key features under its bonnet. Firstly you will now be able to video capture 30 second clips of your gameplay and upload them to the likes of Twitter and Facebook, you can do this by pressing and holding the capture button and the video will save in your gallery. From there you can upload online, although there is one thing to note that not all games are supporting this just yet; so far only Splatoon 2, Zelda, Mario Kart 8, and Arms have been listed as compatible with the capture feature although I’m sure more will follow soon.

Up next is the addition of user and save data transfer to another Switch console. This will enable you to change Switch consoles further down the line if you wish so.

Then we have an option to pre-purchase and preload upcoming games, so as soon as the particular game you preloaded launches, it will minimise the wait time as most of the downloading will be done already.

Hold on a minute… what’s this hidden extra feature? I hear you ask, well there are reports on social media claiming you are now able to use your wireless headphones on your Switch in either docked or undocked mode, although I have not seen Nintendo confirm this, I have seen numerous posts online where people have been connecting their PS4 headsets to the Switch port via a USB connection. 

A very handy addition which could be very good if Nintendo can develope this further and use their own wireless headphones and maybe even get them working in portable mode!


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