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Nintendo Switch Online Service Revealed

Here is what you get when you buy a Nintendo Switch Online Membership.

Some more information and notes about the service:

  • Nintendo Switch online membership can be accessed on any Switch as long as you log in with your account.
  • No dedicated voice chat, voice app is here to stay for the time being and the primary form of communication.
  • Special deals, sales, and offers for members.
  • Membership allows access to play NES games (no confirmation if limited to NES), 20 at launch with more to be revealed and with online play. *list down below
  • Multiplayer centric games are straight forward with couch coop being replicated with online friends.
  • Games without multiplayer offer a sort of virtual sharing of the screen or passing the controller. An example given was two players sharing control in Zelda, sort of like passing the controller and taking turns.

Prices for the online service are as followed:

  • Family membership covers up to 8 family members at $34.99

As we recieve more information, The Loot Gaming will keep you updated so make sure you follow us on Twitter for all the latest gaming news and reviews.

Are you excited for the online service? Is anything disappointing for you? Will you be purchasing a membership? Let us know down below!

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