Nintendo’s Mario Being Adapted Into A Film By Illumination

There have been reports as of late, most notably by The Wall Street Journal back in November, that a new Mario movie was in production by the animation studio Illumination, known for making comedy animations such as Despicable Me and Minions. These were, of course, rumors with no evidence. Until today.

Today Nintendo has confirmed the rumors to be true, Illumination is making an animated Mario film. There are no details on what the film will be about, whether it’s a cross over with the hilarious Minions or a film exclusively centered around the vibrant cast from the Mushroom Kingdom has yet to be revealed.

All that is known at this time is that industry legend Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of most of Nintendo’s iconic games and characters, will be co-producing the film and Chris Meledandri, one of the major forces behind Despicable Me, will be involved as well.

What do you think the film will be about? Hoping for another cross-over, Mario + Rabbids was successful and a blast to enjoy, or are you expecting a more classic approach that focuses solely on the Mario universe?

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