Numskull Designs reveals a new merchandise line that has fans going nuclear

Please don’t Fallout with me over that headline. Please don’t attempt to nuke my house. It’s a shame really, Fallout is perfect to make a couple of excellent puns with but afterwards there’s a lot of diminishing returns. Expect this to be a wasteland in terms of humour. I’ll get VATs in here somewhere as well (lie). Just you wait, it’ll be s.p.e.c.i.a.l. Let’s me honest though, all of you mutant and raiders aren’t here for my delightful witticisms. You’re here to see the merch. Let’s not have any further ado:

Up first is this line up of Vault Boy 3D key rings


Next is this set of Fallout mugs, one based on 76, one on Nuka World and one is an actual 12oz nuke!


These pin badge sets are presented in incredibly cool boxes, one is a Nuka Cola fridge, the other is a Pip Boy!


This is a trio of home items, the first is a coat hook, door mat second and finally we have an LED lamp!


Finally we have the pièce de résistance, a nuclear waste Vault Boy incense burner!

It really is a brilliant line up of products. From the expected, classic merchandise such as mugs and keyrings to the wonderfully wacky like the incense burner and coat hanger it’s all right out the top drawer. So there’s two big questions. Where can I get it and when can I get it?

You can pre-order the merchandise right here and it launches right in time for Fallout 76 on November 14th!

That link will take you straight to where you can not only pre-order the Fallout merchandise but you can get your hands on all sorts of gaming goodies. This is perfect with Christmas just around the corner, remember Numskull Designs has a Christmas jumper range which you can check out here! Since you’re in the UK you will have to pay VATs on all of these products. TOLD YOU I’D GET IT IN. For more gaming news and reviews, stick to

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