Numskull Design’s Spyro merchandise revealed, you can pre-order it right now!

Ranging from the wonderfully wacky to the pleasingly practical, Numskull Design has finally lifted the lift on their line of Spyro the Dragon merchandise. Timed to launch alongside the upcoming Spyro: Reignited Trilogy, a remake of the original three PS1 games, the range has been designed with the series passionate fans in mind. Unsurprisingly the entire line features a purple tinge, more surprising is the undoubted centerpiece of the collection. Not only it’s a Spyro Statue, it’s an incense burner that blows steam from its nose. Check it out for yourselves:

It’s a really beautiful, really unique piece that’ll most definitely catch attention. One of the more practical items is the Scaled T-shirt, it looks amazingly authentic. There are also two snapbacks with different designs as well as a very manly wallet, or a coin purse or even a normal purse if they’re more your style. Everything will be pictured right here so you can see the full range. One of my favorite pieces is the 3D mug. It looks really wonderfully designed and is an excellent representation of gaming’s most famous dragon (that’s right I said it, screw you Alduin). There’s a whopping 16 items here, with a hint of more to come just like the recent Crash Bandicoot range, so there is plenty of choice. Even if you just want a new bottle opener, or a pin to show off your love for Spyro on a daily basis, Numskull have you covered:

Options aplenty. Luckily nothing you’ll get burned on though (the Destiny merch features candles) which is no doubt a safe decision from Numskull considering the fire breathing subject matter. So where can you get your claws on all of these goodies? Time to throw in some links.

For more information on retailers as well as all of the products, click here.

To pre-order worldwide anything included on this page.

Luckily there isn’t long to wait, the full line releases September 21st!

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